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Ph.D. Law

Ph.D. Law is a doctorate that involves various types of research and different approaches to the subject. This course has a very wide range that includes the law of the nation, comparative law, human rights law, international environmental law, etc. The degree makes the student expert and will be awarded after the completion of the course.

Ph.D. Thesis Writing

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Major topics example for Ph.D. Law

  • A comprehensive evaluation of rape legislation between male and female
  • Use of lie detector test in criminal justice and knowing its effectiveness
  • Misuse of laws and the best way to protect
  • Evaluating the crime factor in the court
  • Best way to protect the witnesses from the cases
  • History of the death penalty
  • Comparison study between crime and morality
  • The balance between defendants and victims
  • Enforcement of criminal law
  • Cases evaluating the racial prejudice among prisoners
  • Relationship analysis between Islamic criminal law and human rights
  • Evolution of the Indian Legal system
  • Effects of war on criminal law
  • Analysis of POSCO Act
  • Analysis of Contract Law
  • Analysis of Plea Bargaining
  • Comparative study between kidnapping and abduction
  • Crimes implication on the Indian system
  • Study of Law Liability and the Evolution
  • Study of Domestic violence and criminal law
  • Importance of law court
  • Comparison between homicide and murder
  • Study of crime nature, extent, and distribution
  • Analysis of Terrorism against infants in India
  • Description of punishment in criminal law