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Synopsis Project and dissertation writing services and sample Topic Format Guide Download PDF

 A dissertation is an extended piece of writing on a topic, particularly a research question or report on an empirical study

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  1. Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

A master of business administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that teaches business or investment management theory and practice. The objective of an MBA is to provide graduates with a deeper comprehension of fundamental aspects of business management.

Solve Zone provides various types of writing services involved during the MBA program

  1. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Finance)

Students can take advantage of a variety of opportunities in the financial sector by earning an MBA in finance. Students learn to analyze company reports, predict economic trends, choose investment portfolios, balance risk, and profitability, and maximize stock value in this course. Additionally, they learn to apply financial risk management principles.

  1. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Marketing)

One of the most well-liked graduate degrees is the Master of Business Administration (MBA), which includes a concentration in marketing. Students majoring in marketing research consumer behavior and develop goods that they are likely to want to buy. Advertising, branding, market research, and global and online marketing, among other topics, are covered in marketing classes.

  1. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Human Resource Management)

The vast field of human resource management, or HRM, deals with the administrative responsibilities of a business. These responsibilities include hiring and recruiting, employee retention and engagement, strategy development, compensation and payroll, and serving as a mediator between management and employees. Human resource managers work directly with employees to help them resolve workplace conflicts, improve their communication skills, advance in their careers, and enjoy their jobs. They also play a crucial role in forming an organization's culture.

  1. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Information Technology)
  2. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (International Business)
  3. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Operations Management)
  4. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Marketing Management)
  5. MBA Business Analytics
  6. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Financial Management)
  7. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Systems Management)
  8. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)
  9. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Retail Management)
  10. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Marketing)
  11. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Finance)
  12. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Agribusiness)
  13. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Logistics And Supply Chain Management)
  14. Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management (PGDHRM)
  15. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Entrepreneurship)
  16. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Information Systems)
  17. Master In Hospital Administration (MHA)
  18. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) Healthcare Management
  19. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Supply Chain Management)
  20. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Business Analytics)
  21. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Production Management)
  22. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Executive)
  23. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (International Business)
  24. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Banking And Finance)
  25. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Banking)
  26. Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA)
  27. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Tourism And Hospitality Management)
  28. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Digital Marketing)
  29. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hospital Management)
  30. Master Of Tourism And Travel Management (MTTM)
  31. Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management (PGDBM)
  32. Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology (PGDIT)
  33. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Banking & Insurance)
  34. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hospital Administration)
  35. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hospitality Management)
  36. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Rural Management)
  37. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Aviation Management)
  38. Post Graduate Diploma In Marketing Management
  39. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Technology Management)
  40. Management Development Programme
  41. Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Management
  42. Master In Management Studies (Mms) (Marketing)
  43. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Travel & Tourism)
  44. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hospital & Health Care Management)
  45. Master In Management Studies (M.M.S) (Human Resource Management)
  46. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Production & Operations)
  47. Master In Management Studies (M.M.S) (Finance)
  48. Post Graduate Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM)
  49. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Production And Operations Management Systems)
  50. Master Of Human Resource Management (MHRM)
  51. Master In Management Studies (M.M.S) (Operations)
  52. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Pharmaceutical Management)
  53. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Logistics Management)
  54. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Tourism Management)
  55. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Retail Management)
  56. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Family Business Management)
  57. Post Graduate Diploma In Event Management
  58. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Project Management)
  59. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Tourism & Hotel Management)
  60. Post Graduate Diploma In Business Administration
  61. Post Graduate Programme In Management (PGPM)
  62. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Business Management)
  63. Post Graduate Diploma In Marketing Management (PGDMM)
  64. Master Of Computer Management (MCM)
  65. Master In Management Studies (M.M.S)
  66. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Insurance)
  67. Post Graduate Diploma In Digital Marketing
  68. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Media Management)
  69. Post Graduate Diploma In Travel & Tourism Management
  70. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Event Management)
  71. Post Graduate Diploma In Supply Chain Management
  72. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Entrepreneurship Development)
  73. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Logistics & Shipping Management)
  74. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hotel Management)
  75. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Sports Management)
  76. Post Graduate Diploma In Operations Management
  77. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Rural Management)
  78. Post Graduate Diploma In Finance
  79. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Sales & Marketing)
  80. Master In Management Studies (Mms) (Information Technology)
  81. Post Graduate Diploma In International Business
  82. Post Graduate Diploma In Rural Development
  83. Post Graduate Diploma In Banking And Finance (PGDBF)
  84. Post Graduate Diploma In Taxation
  85. Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology Management (PGDITM)
  86. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Fashion Design Management)
  87. Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) (Marketing)
  88. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (E-Commerce)
  89. Post Graduate Diploma In International Business (PGDIB)
  90. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Business Economics)
  91. Diploma In Management
  92. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Data Analytic)
  93. Master Of Applied Management (MAM)
  94. Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) (Human Resource Management)
  95. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Risk And Insurance)
  96. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Service Management)
  97. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Agri-Business And Rural Development)
  98. Masters In Hospital Management (MHM)
  99. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Strategic Management)
  100. Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) (Finance)
  101. Master In International Business (MIB)
  102. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Marketing And Finance)
  103. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Interior Design)
  104. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Systems & It)
  105. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Rural Development)
  106. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Accounting)
  107. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Defence Management)
  108. Executive Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Ex-PGDM)
  109. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Real Estate)
  110. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Health Care Administration)
  111. Post Graduate Diploma In Foreign Trade
  112. Post Graduate Diploma In Production Management (PGDPM)
  113. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Business Management)
  114. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Disaster Management)
  115. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Hospitality)
  116. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Infrastructure Management)
  117. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Tourism Administration)
  118. Post Graduate Diploma In Entrepreneurship Development
  119. Post Graduate Program In Management (Finance)
  120. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Textile Management)
  121. Post Graduate Program In Management (Information Technology)
  122. Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) (Information Technology)
  123. Master Of International Business (MIB)
  124. Post Graduate Diploma In Project Management
  125. Post Graduate Diploma In Business Analytics
  126. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Biotechnology)
  127. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Communications Management)
  128. Post Graduate Diploma In Pharmaceutical Management
  129. Post Graduate Diploma In Material Management
  130. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Total Quality Management)
  131. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Environmental Management)
  132. Master In Marketing Management (MMM)
  133. Diploma In Sales And Marketing Management
  134. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Finance And Human Resource Management)
  135. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Materials Management)
  136. Masters In Human Resource Development((MHRD)
  137. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Fashion Management)
  138. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Public Policy)
  139. Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital And Health Management
  140. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Rural Development And Management)
  141. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Power Management)
  142. Master Of Management Studies (Management Studies)
  143. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Port & Shipping Management)
  144. Post Graduate Programme In Marketing
  145. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (E-Business)
  146. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Telecom Management)
  147. Master Of Health Administration (MHA)
  148. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Information Management)
  149. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Energy Management)
  150. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Relations And Advertising Management (PGDPRAM)
  151. Post Graduate Diploma In Water Resource Management
  152. Post Graduate Diploma In Financial Planning
  153. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Safety Management)
  154. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Education)
  155. Post Graduate Programme In International Business
  156. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Corporate)
  157. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Foreign Trade)
  158. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Cooperative Management)
  159. Post Graduate Program In Supply Chain & Logistics
  160. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Media And Entertainment)
  161. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Services Management)
  162. Master In Business Studies (MBS)
  163. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Organizational Behaviour)
  164. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Executive) (Retail Management)
  165. Post Graduate Program In Healthcare Management (PGPHM)
  166. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Global Business Management)
  167. Post Graduate Programme In Agri-Business Management (PGP-ABM)
  168. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Advertising Management)
  169. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Industrial Management)
  170. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Executive) (International Business)
  171. Post Graduate Diploma In Industrial Management (PGDIM)
  172. Executive Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Ex-PGDM) (Marketing)
  173. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Design Management)
  174. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Business Entrepreneurship)
  175. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Oil And Gas Management)
  176. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  177. Post Graduate Diploma In Tea Management (PGDTM)
  178. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Personnel Administration)
  179. Master Of Foreign Trade (MFT)
  180. Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Management (PGDCM)
  181. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Airline Management)
  182. Post Graduate Diploma In Economics
  183. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Capital Market)
  184. Post Graduate Program In Tax Management (PGPTM)
  185. Post Graduate Diploma In Travel Management (PGDTM)
  186. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Urban Management)
  187. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Business Law)
  188. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) (Biotechnology)
  189. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Actuarial Science)
  190. Post Graduate Programme In Systems
  191. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Wealth Management)
  192. Post Graduate Diploma In Management E- Business
  193. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Sustainable Development Management)
  194. Post Graduate Program In Global Financial Markets (PGPGFM)
  195. Post Graduate Diploma In Textile Management (PGDTM)
  196. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Police Administration Management)
  197. Integrated Program In Business Analytics (IPBA)
  198. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Air Travel Management)
  199. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Airport Management)
  200. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Pollution Control Management)
  201. Post Graduate Program In Research And Management
  202. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Bioinformatics)
  203. Post Graduate Diploma In Transport Management (PGDTM)
  204. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Business Forecasting)
  205. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Intellectual Property Rights)
  206. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Clinical Research)
  207. Post Graduate Program In Social Enterprise Management
  208. Master Of Business Administration (MBA) (Executive) (Rural Management)
  209. Post Graduate Programme In Foreign Trade (PGPFT)
  210. Post Graduate Program In Software Enterprise Management


  1. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Science And Engineering)
  2. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Structural Engineering)
  3. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electronics And Communication Engineering)
  4. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Computer Science And Engineering)
  5. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Mechanical Engineering)
  6. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Thermal Engineering)
  7. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Civil Engineering)
  8. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Power System Engineering)
  9. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Vlsi Design & Embedded System)
  10. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Structural Engineering)
  11. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electrical Engineering)
  12. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Information Technology)
  13. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Power Electronics)
  14. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Environmental Engineering)
  15. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Cad/ Cam)
  16. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Science)
  17. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Production Engineering)
  18. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Software Engineering)
  19. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Biotechnology)
  20. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Power Electronics And Drives)
  21. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Applied Electronics)
  22. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Transportation Engineering)
  23. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Embedded Systems)
  24. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Power Electronics And Drives)
  25. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Chemical Engineering)
  26. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital Communication)
  27. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Geotechnical Engineering)
  28. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Cad/Cam)
  29. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Engineering)
  30. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Vlsi Design)
  31. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Machine Design)
  32. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Computer Engineering)
  33. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Communication Systems)
  34. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Manufacturing Engineering)
  35. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Thermal Engineering)
  36. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Power System Engineering)
  37. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Cyber Security)
  38. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Engineering Design)
  39. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Artificial Intelligence)
  40. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Communication Systems)
  41. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Construction Engineering And Management)
  42. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electrical Power System)
  43. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electrical And Electronics Engineering)
  44. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Mechanical Engineering)
  45. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Construction Engineering And Management)
  46. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital Electronics & Communication Systems)
  47. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Nanotechnology)
  48. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Food Technology)
  49. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering)
  50. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Design Engineering)
  51. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Signal Processing)
  52. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Renewable Energy)
  53. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Construction Technology)
  54. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Electrical Engineering)
  55. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Communication Engineering)
  56. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Network Engineering)
  57. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Embedded System Technologies)
  58. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Water Resources Engineering)
  59. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)
  60. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Electronics & Communication)
  61. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Software Engineering)
  62. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Industrial Engineering & Management)
  63. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Information Technology)
  64. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Embedded Systems)
  65. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Power Systems And Power Electronics)
  66. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Mechatronics)
  67. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Instrumentation And Control Engineering)
  68. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Biomedical Engineering)
  69. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electronics Engineering)
  70. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Environmental Engineering)
  71. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Information Security)
  72. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Civil Engineering)
  73. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Automobile Engineering)
  74. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Thermal Power Engineering)
  75. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Embedded System And Vlsi Design)
  76. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Manufacturing Engineering)
  77. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Material Science And Engineering)
  78. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital Electronics & Communication)
  79. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Production & Industrial Engineering)
  80. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Industrial Engineering)
  81. Master Of Technology [M.Tech.]
  82. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Heat Power)
  83. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Agricultural Engineering)
  84. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electrical Power Engineering)
  85. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Energy System Engineering)
  86. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Design Engineering)
  87. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Nano Science And Technology)
  88. Master Of Technology [M.Tech.] (Advanced Manufacturing)
  89. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Microelectronics And Vlsi Design)
  90. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Textile Technology)
  91. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital Communication And Networking)
  92. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Bioinformatics)
  93. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
  94. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Aerospace Engineering)
  95. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Science & Technology)
  96. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Robotics Engineering)
  97. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Control Systems)
  98. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Mining Engineering)
  99. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Vlsi Technology)
  100. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Product Design & Manufacturing)
  101. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Energy Engineering)
  102. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Geoinformatics)
  103. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Chemical Engineering)
  104. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Petroleum Engineering)
  105. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Power Electronics)
  106. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Manufacturing Technology)
  107. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital Systems & Computer Electronics)
  108. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Electrical Power System)
  109. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Computer Network & Information Security)
  110. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Electronics Engineering)
  111. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Machine Design)
  112. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering)
  113. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Control And Instrumentation Engineering)
  114. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Data Analytics)
  115. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Wireless Communication Technology)
  116. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Soil Water Conservation Engineering)
  117. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Cloud Computing)
  118. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Food Process Engineering)
  119. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Telecommunication Engineering)
  120. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Manufacturing Science & Engineering)
  121. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Automotive Engineering)
  122. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Energy Engineering)
  123. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Digital Communication & Networking)
  124. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Communication Engineering)
  125. Master Of Science (M.S)(Civil Engineering)
  126. Master Of Engineering [Me] (Heat Power)
  127. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Digital System & Signal Processing)
  128. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Aeronautical Engineering)
  129. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Applied Electronics)
  130. Master Of Science (M.S)(Electronics And Communication Engineering)
  131. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Biochemical Engineering)
  132. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Engineering Design)
  133. Master Of Science (M.S)(Chemical Engineering)
  134. Master Of Science (M.S)(Electrical Engineering)
  135. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Electrical Devices & Power System Engineering)
  136. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Tool Engineering)
  137. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Pharmaceutical Technology)
  138. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Avionics)
  139. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Production Technology)
  140. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Aerospace Propulsion)
  141. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Engineering Physics)
  142. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Leather Technology)
  143. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Marine Engineering)
  144. Master Of Technology [M.Tech.] (Intelligent System)
  145. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Polymer Technology)
  146. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Process Metallurgy)
  147. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Earthquake Engineering)
  148. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Nuclear Engineering)
  149. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Rubber Technology)
  150. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Pipeline Engineering)
  151. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Applied Geology)
  152. Master Of Technology Management [Mtm]
  153. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Food Biotechnology)
  154. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Aerodynamics)
  155. Master Of Science (M.S)(Biomedical Engineering)
  156. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Reliability Engineering)
  157. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Process Engineering)
  158. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Welding Technology)
  159. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Fluids Engineering)
  160. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Food & Nutrition)
  161. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Bio Pharmaceutical Technology)
  162. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Food Chain Management)
  163. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Applied Mechanics)
  164. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Bio Mineral Processing)
  165. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Mineral Engineering)
  166. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Optical Engineering)
  167. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Neural Networks)
  168. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Excavation Engineering)
  169. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Aqua Cultural Engineering)
  170. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Automotive Engineering And E-Manufacturing)
  171. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Applied Geophysics)
  172. Master Of Technology (M. TECH)(Alloy Technology)
  173. Master Of Technology [M. Tech] (Air Armament)


  1. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Pathology)
  2. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (General Medicine)
  3. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Microbiology)
  4. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Pharmacology)
  5. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Physiology)
  6. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Orthopaedics)
  7. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Paediatrics)
  8. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Community Medicine)
  9. Master Of Surgery (MS) (General Surgery)
  10. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Psychiatry)
  11. Master Of Surgery (MS) (E.N.T.)
  12. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Anatomy)
  13. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Radiodiagnosis)
  14. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
  15. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Anaesthesiology)
  16. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
  17. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology)
  18. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT)
  19. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Ophthalmology)
  20. Master Of Public Health (MPH)
  21. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Urology)
  22. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Neuro Surgery)
  23. Post Graduate Diploma In Yoga
  24. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Dermatology)
  25. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Radiotherapy)
  26. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Anatomy)
  27. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Anaesthesia)
  28. Dm [Neurology]
  29. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT) (Neurology)
  30. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Respiratory Medicine)
  31. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT) (Orthopaedics)
  32. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT) (Sports-Physiotherapy)
  33. Dm [Nephrology]
  34. Post Graduate Diploma In Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  35. Dm [Gastroenterology]
  36. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Tuberculosis & Respiratory Medicine)
  37. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Biochemistry)
  38. Master Of Surgery (MS) (General Surgery)
  39. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Microbiology)
  40. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Radiology)
  41. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Plastic Surgery)
  42. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Pediatrics)
  43. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Otorhinolaryngology)
  44. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Physiology)
  45. Post Graduate Diploma In Orthopaedics
  46. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Medical Anatomy)
  47. Post Graduate Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
  48. Post Graduate Diploma In Child Health
  49. Post Graduate Diploma In Ophthalmology
  50. Master Of Optometry (M.Optom)
  51. Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Pathology
  52. Dm [Endocrinology]
  53. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Surgical Oncology)
  54. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Paediatric Surgery)
  55. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Ophthalmology)
  56. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Cardio-Vascular Thoracic Surgery)
  57. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Kayachikitsa)
  58. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Medicine)
  59. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Preventive And Social Medicine)
  60. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Pharmacology)
  61. Post Graduate Diploma In Yoga Therapy
  62. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT) (Pediatrics)
  63. Dm (Medical Oncology)
  64. Dm (Neonatology)
  65. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Homoeopathic - Repertory)
  66. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Orthopaedics)
  67. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Health
  68. Post Graduate Diploma In Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy
  69. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Ayurveda)
  70. Master Of Physiotherapy (MPT) (Cardiorespiratory)
  71. Postgraduate Diploma In Medical Radio Diagnosis
  72. Post Graduate Diploma In Anaesthesia
  73. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Anatomy)
  74. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Optometry)
  75. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Homoeopathic -Materia Medica)
  76. Doctor Of Medicine (MD)
  77. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Ayurveda - Panchakarma)
  78. Post Graduate Diploma In Otorhinolaryngology
  79. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Dravya Guna)
  80. Post Graduate Diploma In T.B. & Chest
  81. Master Of Science (MS) (Otorhinolaryngology)
  82. Master In Medical Laboratory Technology [Mmlt]
  83. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  84. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Family Medicine)
  85. Master In Audiology And Speech- Language Pathology [Maslp]
  86. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Anaesthesiology)
  87. Post Graduate Diploma In Radio-Diagnosis
  88. Master Of Surgery (M.S) (Pharmacology)
  89. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Ayurveda)
  90. Master Of Surgery (M.S) (Physiology)
  91. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Rasa Shastra)
  92. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Gastroenterology Surgery)
  93. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Audiology)
  94. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Microbiology)
  95. Master Of Surgery (M.S) (Paediatrics)
  96. Diplomate National Board (Dnb)
  97. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Epidemiology)
  98. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Venereology)
  99. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Sports Medicine)
  100. Master Of Surgery (MS)
  101. Diplomate National Board (Dnb) (Cardiology)
  102. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Radio Diagnosis)
  103. Dm [Hepatology]
  104. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Accident & Emergency Medicine)
  105. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Otolaryngology)
  106. Master In Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Orthopaedics)
  107. Master In Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Musculoskeletal)
  108. Master In Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Neurosciences)
  109. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Psychiatry)
  110. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Radio Imaging)
  111. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Anesthesia)
  112. Fellowship In Neurology
  113. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Acupuncture)
  114. Master In Occupational Therapy
  115. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Balrog)
  116. Master In Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Cardio-Respiratory Condition)
  117. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Orthopedics)
  118. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Plastic Surgery)
  119. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Pediatric Surgery)
  120. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Neurosurgery)
  121. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  122. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Cardiac Surgery)
  123. Doctorate Of Medicine (MD) (Clinical Pharmacology)
  124. Master Of Surgery (MS) (Urology)
  125. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (General Surgery)
  126. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (E.N.T.)
  127. Master Of Chirurgiae (M.CH) (Anatomy)


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Mathematics)
  2. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Chemistry)
  3. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Physics)
  4. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Computer Science)
  5. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Zoology)
  6. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Botany)
  7. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biotechnology)
  8. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Microbiology)
  9. Master Of Science [M.Sc.] (Information Technology)
  10. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biochemistry)
  11. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Environmental Science)
  12. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Statistics)
  13. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Organic Chemistry)
  14. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Geography)
  15. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Bioinformatics)
  16. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Electronics)
  17. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Geology)
  18. Master Of Science [M.Sc]
  19. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Analytical Chemistry)
  20. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Psychology)
  21. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Home Science)
  22. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Forensic Science)
  23. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Fashion Designing)
  24. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Food Science And Nutrition)
  25. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Nutrition And Dietetics)
  26. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Clinical Research)
  27. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Mathematics)
  28. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Food Technology)
  29. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Data Science)
  30. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Economics)
  31. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Entomology)
  32. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  33. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Food Nutrition)
  34. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Industrial Chemistry)
  35. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Chemistry)
  36. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Soil Science)
  37. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Anthropology)
  38. Post Graduate Diploma In Bioinformatics [Pgdbi]
  39. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Life Science)
  40. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)
  41. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Inorganic Chemistry)
  42. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Microbiology)
  43. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Geology)
  44. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Geoinformatics)
  45. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Psychology)
  46. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Food Science And Technology)
  47. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Physiology)
  48. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Physical Chemistry)
  49. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Physics)
  50. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Cyber Security)
  51. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Visual Communication)
  52. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Computer Applications)
  53. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Genetics)
  54. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Pharmacology)
  55. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Human Development)
  56. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Molecular Biology)
  57. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Electronic Science)
  58. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biomedical Science)
  59. Master Of Science (M.S)(Research)
  60. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Nanotechnology)
  61. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Electronic Media)
  62. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Electronics)
  63. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Textile Design)
  64. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Computer Science & Technology)
  65. Master Of Fisheries Science (MFSC)(Aquaculture)
  66. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Data Analytics)
  67. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Fashion Technology)
  68. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Artificial Intelligence)
  69. Post Graduate Diploma In Forensic Science
  70. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biophysics)
  71. Master Of Fisheries Science (MFSC)
  72. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Animal Biotechnology)
  73. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biology)
  74. Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
  75. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Instrumentation Technology)
  76. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Environmental Management)
  77. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Neuroscience)
  78. Master Of Statistics (M.Stat.)
  79. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Actuarial Science)
  80. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Geophysics)
  81. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Earth Science)
  82. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Biological Sciences)
  83. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Molecular Medicine)
  84. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Operational Research)
  85. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Mass Communication)
  86. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Software Engineering)
  87. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medicinal Chemistry)
  88. Post Graduate Program In Data Science (PGPDS)
  89. Master Of Science (Ms)
  90. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Virology)
  91. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Oceanography)
  92. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Meteorology)
  93. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Counselling)
  94. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Toxicology)
  95. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Nuclear Physics)
  96. Master Of Science (MS) (Biotechnology)
  97. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Hotel & Catering Management)
  98. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Biology)
  99. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Astronomy)
  100. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Communication)
  101. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Sustainable Development)
  102. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Electronics And Photonics)
  103. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Dietetics)
  104. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Applied Economics)
  105. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Audio Speech Therapy)
  106. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Development Studies)
  107. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Ngo Management)
  108. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Foreign Trade Management)
  109. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Astrophysics)


  1. Master Of Arts [Ma] (English)
  2. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Economics)
  3. Master Of Arts [Ma] (History)
  4. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Political Science)
  5. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Hindi)
  6. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Sociology)
  7. Master In Social Work [MSW]
  8. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Geography)
  9. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Psychology)
  10. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Education)
  11. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Sanskrit)
  12. Master Of Library And Information Science (M.LIB.I.SC)
  13. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Philosophy)
  14. Master Of Arts [Ma]
  15. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Public Administration)
  16. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Tamil)
  17. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Mathematics)
  18. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Urdu)
  19. Master Of Arts [Ma] (English Literature)
  20. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Home Science)
  21. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Music)
  22. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Marathi)
  23. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Mass Communication & Journalism)
  24. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Punjabi)
  25. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Bengali)
  26. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Mass Communication)
  27. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Social Work)
  28. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Drawing And Painting)
  29. Master Of Arts [M.A] (Yoga)
  30. Master Of Fine Arts (MFA)
  31. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Rural Development)
  32. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Arabic)
  33. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Anthropology)
  34. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Telugu)
  35. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Hindi Literature)
  36. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Kannada)
  37. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Malayalam)
  38. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Gujarati)
  39. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Statistics)
  40. Master Of Arts [Ma] (English Language And Literature)
  41. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Linguistics)
  42. Master Of Fine Arts (MFA) (Painting)
  43. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Assamese)
  44. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Applied Psychology)
  45. Master Of Fine Arts (MFA) (Applied Arts)
  46. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Human Resource Management)
  47. Post Graduate Diploma In Guidance & Counselling
  48. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Women Studies)
  49. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Fine Arts)
  50. Master Of Arts [Ma] (French)
  51. Master Of Arts [Ma] (Clinical Psychology)
  52. Master Of Arts (MA) (Persian)
  53. Master Of Arts (MA) (Ancient Indian History And Archaeology)
  54. Master Of Arts (MA)(Journalism)
  55. Master Of Arts (MA) (Ancient History)
  56. Master Of Arts (MA)(Dance)
  57. Master Of Theology (M.TH)
  58. Master Of Divinity (M.DIV)
  59. Master Of Performing Arts (MPA)
  60. Master Of Arts (MA) (Development Studies)
  61. Master Of Arts (MA) (International Relations)
  62. Master Of Arts (MA) (Politics)
  63. Master Of Arts (MA) (Advertising & Public Relations)
  64. Master Of Arts (MA) (Archaeology)
  65. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Relations
  66. Master Of Arts (MA) (Counselling Psychology)
  67. Master Of Visual Arts (MVA)
  68. Master Of Arts (MA) (Gender Studies)
  69. Master Of Arts (MA) (Tourism Management)
  70. Master Of Arts (MA) (Environmental Studies)
  71. Master Of Arts (MA) (Fashion Design)
  72. Master Of Arts (MA) (Comparative Literature)
  73. Master Of Arts (MA) (International Studies)
  74. Master Of Arts (MA) (Chinese)
  75. Master Of Arts (MA) (Religious Studies)
  76. Master Of Arts (MA) (Film Studies)
  77. Master Of Arts (MA) (Spanish)
  78. Master Of Arts (MA) (Police Administration)
  79. Master Of Arts (MA) (Disaster Management)
  80. Master Of Arts (MA) (Interior Design)
  81. Master Of Arts (MA) (Japanese)
  82. M.A. (Public Policy)
  83. Post Graduate Diploma In Public Administration
  84. Master Of Arts (MA) (Communication)
  85. Post Graduate Diploma Course In Counselling
  86. Master Of Arts (MA) (Broadcast Journalism)
  87. Post Graduate Diploma In The Teaching Of English (PGDTE)
  88. Post Graduate Diploma In Early Childhood- Education And Development
  89. Master Of Arts (MA) (Graphic Design)
  90. Master Of Arts (MA) (Translation Studies)
  91. Master Of Arts (MA) (Astrology)
  92. Master Of Arts (MA) (Cultural Studies)
  93. Master Of Arts (MA) (Applied Linguistics)
  94. Post Graduate Diploma In Social Work (PGDSW)
  95. Master Of Arts (MA) (Comparative Indian Literature)
  96. Master Of Labour Studies
  97. Master Of Arts (MA) (Geology)
  98. Master Of Fine Arts (MFA) (Ceramics)
  99. Master Of Arts (MA) (Career Counselling)
  100. Master Of Arts (MA) (Ethics)
  101. Master Of Arts (MA) (Culture And Media Studies)
  102. Master Of Arts (MA) (Quantitative Economics)


  1. Master Of Laws (L.L.M)
  2. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Criminal Law)
  3. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Corporate Law)
  4. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Constitutional Law)
  5. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Intellectual Property Rights)
  6. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Business Law)
  7. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Human Rights)
  8. Post Graduate Diploma In Cyber Law
  9. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Corporate And Commercial Law)
  10. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (International Law)
  11. Post Graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights
  12. Post Graduate Diploma In Labour Laws (PGDLL)
  13. Diploma In Labour Law
  14. Post Graduate Diploma In Human Rights
  15. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Taxation Law)
  16. Post Graduate Diploma In Law
  17. Post Graduate Diploma In Human Rights Law (PGDHRL)
  18. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Labour Laws)
  19. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Family Law)
  20. Master Of Laws (L.L.M)  (Maritime Law)
  21. Master Of Laws (L.L.M) (Environmental Law)
  22. Post Graduate Diploma In Corporate Law (PGDCL)
  23. Post Graduate Diploma In Business Law (PGDBL)
  24. Master Of Law (L.L.M) In Intellectual Property And Trade Law
  25. Post Graduate Diploma In Criminal Justice (PGDCJ)


  1. Master Of Commerce (M.Com)
  2. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Finance)
  3. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Computer Applications)
  4. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Accountancy)
  5. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Accounting And Finance)
  6. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Marketing)
  7. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Banking And Finance)
  8. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Business Administration)
  9. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Business Management)
  10. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Financial Management)
  11. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (E-Commerce)
  12. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Taxation)
  13. Master Of Finance And Control (MFC)
  14. Post Graduate Diploma In Accountancy
  15. Master Of Business Economics (MBE)
  16. Post Graduate Diploma In Banking
  17. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Banking)
  18. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Finance & Controls)
  19. Post Graduate Diploma In Bank Management (PGDBM)
  20. Post Graduate Diploma In Statistics
  21. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) (Statistics)
  22. Post Graduate Diploma In Accounting Software (PGDAS)


  1. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics)
  2. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)
  3. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral Medicine And Radiology)
  4. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Prosthodontics, Crown & Bridge)
  5. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Orthodontics And Dentofacial Orthopaedics)
  6. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Periodontics)
  7. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry)
  8. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Periodontology)
  9. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral Pathology And Microbiology)
  10. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Prosthodontics)
  11. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Public Health Dentistry)
  12. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Orthodontics)
  13. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Conservative Dentistry)
  14. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Pedodontics)
  15. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral Pathology)
  16. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)
  17. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral And Maxillofacial Pathology)
  18. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Oral Surgery)
  19. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Community Dentistry)
  20. Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS)(Pediatric Dentistry)


  1. Master Of Pharmacy [M.Pharma] (Pharmaceutics)
  2. Master Of Pharmacy [M.Pharma] (Pharmacology)
  3. Master Of Pharmacy [M.Pharma] (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  4. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmaceutical Analysis)
  5. Master Of Pharmacy [M.Pharm]
  6. Master Of Pharmacy [M.Pharma] (Quality Assurance)
  7. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmacognosy)
  8. Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)
  9. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmaceutical Analysis And Quality Assurance)
  10. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmacy Practice)
  11. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Industrial Pharmacy)
  12. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmaceutical Technology)
  13. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Drug Regulatory Affairs)
  14. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)
  15. Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)(Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy)


  1. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Parasitology)
  2. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Microbiology)
  3. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Animal Nutrition)
  4. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Pathology)
  5. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Livestock Production & Management)
  6. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Surgery And Radiology)
  7. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology)
  8. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Biochemistry)
  9. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Animal Genetics And Breeding)
  10. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary And Animal Husbandry Extension)
  11. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Livestock Products Technology)
  12. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)((Veterinary Anatomy & Histology)
  13. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)(Veterinary Medicine)
  14. Master Of Veterinary Science (MVSC)
  15. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology)


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Agronomy)
  2. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Horticulture)
  3. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Genetics And Plant Breeding)
  4. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Agriculture)
  5. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Plant Pathology)
  6. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Agricultural Economics)
  7. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Forestry)
  8. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Seed Science & Technology)
  9. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Agricultural Entomology)
  10. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Agricultural Statistics)
  11. Post Graduate Diploma In Gis And Remote Sensing
  12. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Dairy Technology)
  13. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Dairy Engineering)


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Nursing)
  2. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Surgical Nursing)
  3. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Community Health Nursing)
  4. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing)
  5. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Child Health Nursing)
  6. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Mental Health Nursing)
  7. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Paediatric Nursing)
  8. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Psychiatric Nursing)
  9. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Medical Lab Technology)
  10. Master Of Science (M.Sc)(Hospital Administration)


  1. Master Of Arts (MA) (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  2. Master Of Journalism And Mass Communication (MJMC)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism And Mass Communication
  4. Post Graduate Diploma In Mass Communication
  5. Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism
  6. Diploma In Journalism
  7. Master Of Communication & Journalism (MCJ)
  8. Post Graduate Diploma Broadcast Journalism
  9. Post Graduate Diploma In Advertising


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Interior Design)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Designing
  3. Post Graduate Diploma In Fashion Designing
  4. Master Of Design (M.Des)
  5. Master Of Fashion Management (MFM)
  6. Master Of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech)
  7. Master Of Textiles (M.Text)


  1. Master Of Architecture (M.Arch)
  2. Master Of Planning (M.Plan)
  3. Master Of Architecture (M.Arch) (Urban Design)
  4. Master Of Architecture (M.Arch) (Landscape Architecture)
  5. Master Of Planning (Urban And Regional Planning)
  6. Master Of Architecture (M.Arch) (Urban & Rural Planning)


  1. Post Graduate Diploma In Hotel Management
  2. Master Of Hotel Management (MHM)
  3. Master In Tourism And Hotel Management (MTHM)
  4. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Tourism And Hospitality Management)


  1. Master Of Education (M.Ed)
  2. Master Of Physical Education (M.P.Ed)
  3. Master Of Education (M.Ed) (English)
  4. Master Of Education (M.Ed) (Special Education)


  1. Master Of Computer Applications (M.C.A)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications (PGDCA)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma In Data Science


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Animation)
  2. Master Of Arts (Ma) (Animation)


  1. Master Of Science (M.Sc) (Aviation)


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List of Universities for MBA Retail Management guide in the world

IPU, Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), MDU, Calicut University, LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY, Amity University, BHU, CCSU, ICFAI University. Lucknow University, Bombay Teachers' Training College, Panjab University, Al-Falah University, Annamalai University, Banasthali Vidyapith, Chembur Sarvankash Shikshan Shastra Mahavidyalaya, Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan's Smt Surajba College Of Education, TNTEU, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science And Higher Education, MANUU, Rabindra Bharati University, Jaipur National University, Hansraj Jivandas College Of Education, Gauhati University, Kurukshetra University, Uniraj, University Of Calcutta, Adarsha Comprehensive College Of Education And Research, JNU, University Of Hyderabad, Christ University, UNIPUNE, DY Patil University, Mumbai University, SASTRA University, Jadavpur University, Pondicherry University, Chandigarh University, Dibrugarh University, Apeejay Stya University, RNTU, SHUATS, K R Mangalam University, Osmania University, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, BAOU, NIMS University, Vels University, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya, CMJ University, Mangalayatan University, Kakatiya University, Navrachna University, Nagaland University, Tezpur University, YCMOU, GGU, Jammu University, NEHU, Sardar Patel University, Shivaji University, TISS, Acharya Nagarjuna University, DAVV, DDU, Chitkara University, Singhania University, SNDT Women's University, Monad University, Sharda University, Galgotias University, Alagappa University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Karunya University, Annamalai University, PRIST University, Mewar University, Career Point University, BHC, California Institute of Technology – Caltech, Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley, Yale University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Bristol, Newcastle University, Delhi University,  BR Ambedkar University, Shiv Nadar University, Jawahar Lal University, Lucknow University, Jadavpur University, National University of Singapore, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Yale University, Cornell University, Nanyang Technological University, Columbia University, The University of Tokyo, Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, PSL Research University, University of California, Berkeley, The University of Manchester, Seoul National University, Australian National University, McGill University, Northwestern University, University of Melbourne, Fudan University, University of Toronto, Kyoto University, King's College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, New York University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Sydney, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of New South Wales, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of British Columbia, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Technical University of Munich, Kanazawa University, Kingston University, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lebanese American University, Lebanese University, Leibniz University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, National Chengchi University, Okayama University, Oregon State University, Osaka City University, Pusan National University, Renmin University of China, Saint Louis University, Samara University, Sunway University, University of Concepción, University of Georgia, University of Ljubljana, University of Milano, University of Potsdam, University of Rostock, University of Salamanca, University of Sharjah, University of Tennessee, Wayne State University, Wesleyan University, Aberystwyth University, Abu Dhabi University, Ajman University, Alfaisal University, China University of Geosciences, Chongqing University, Comenius University, Coventry University, CQ University Australia, ESDi Higher School of Design, Gunma University, International Islamic University of Malaysia, IQS - Ramon Llull University, Konkuk University, Kumamoto University, La Salle IGS, National Chung Hsing University, National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Drexel University, ESADE, Duke University, University of Queensland, Carnegie Mellon University, Monash University, University of Amsterdam, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) , Sorbonne University, Delft University of Technology, University of Bristol, Brown University, University of Warwick, Heidelberg University, PolyU Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Buenos Aires, Osaka University, Paris-Saclay University, University of Malaya, Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech), University of Malaya, University of Texas, Yonsei University, Korea University, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), KU Leuven, National Taiwan University, University of Southampton, Tohoku University, University of Glasgow, University of Copenhagen, University of Wisconsin, University of Zurich, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Leeds, University of Auckland, Georgia Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, The University of Western Australia, University of Birmingham, Durham University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Science and Technology of China, Lund University, University of Sheffield, University of St Andrews, Trinity College, Sungkyunkwan University, Rice University, University of Oslo, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), King Abdulaziz University, University of Helsinki, Boston University, University of Adelaide, University of Alberta, Sumy State University, Szechenyi Istvan University, Szechenyi Istvan University, Technical University of Liberec, The Technical University of Kosice (TUKE), Tokyo University of Science, Torcuato Di Tella University, Toronto Metropolitan University, TU Dortmund University, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico (UAEMex), Université de Rennes 1, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, University at Albany, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Nagoya University, Utrecht University, University of Baghdad, University of Bahrain, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Loughborough University, Mahidol University, Tel Aviv University, Deakin University, Victoria University of Wellington, Wayne State University, University of Antioquia, Thammasat University, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Debrecen, University of Hull, University of Manitoba, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Plymouth, University Teknologi Mara, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, University of Brighton, University of Calcutta, University of Catania, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), University of Dhaka, University of Duisburg-Essen, University of East London, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, University of Greenwich, University of Hartford, University of Hertfordshire, University of Hohenheim, University of Hradec Králové, University of Idaho, University of Kwazulu Natal, University of Nottingham, University of Sao Paulo, Aalto University, University of Montreal, Freie Universität Berlin, Washington University, University of Bern, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Newcastle University, niversity Putra Malaysia, Wageningen University and Research, Chalmers University of Technology, Queen Mary University of London, University of Geneva, Uppsala University, Purdue University, University Kebangsaan, Humboldt University, Leiden University, Nanjing University, University of Southern California, KyushuUniversity, University of Basel, University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), MIP Politecnico Di Milano, Politecnico di Milano, The Ohio State University, Hokkaido University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Ghent University, University Sains Malaysia, University of Groningen, Lancaster University, RWTH Aachen University, University of Rochester, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, University of Vienna, McMaster University, Stockholm University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Oxford, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Imperial College, University College, Tsinghua University, Hokkaido University, RWTH Aachen University, University of Rochester, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Emory University, Indian Institute of Science, University of York, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, TU, Michigan State University, Aarhus University, The University of Exeter, Texas A&M University, University of Maryland, Cardiff University, The University of Western Australia, University of Antwerp, University of Lausanne, University of Ottawa, Radboud University, University of Auckland, University of Würzburg, University of Pittsburgh, Maastricht University, Rice University, Ulm University, University of Colorado, Uppsala University, Tufts University, University of Florida, University of Rochester, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Bologna Business School, University of Bologna, University of Chile, University of Tübinge, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Sapienza University of Rome, Western University, Indian Institute of Technology, ParisTech School of Bridges, Case Western Reserve University, National Tsing Hua University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Bath, Vienna University of Technology, Khalifa University, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University of Gothenburg, University of Minnesota, University of Wollongong, University of Freiburg, RMIT University, University of Liverpool, Curtin University, Wuhan University, Macquarie University, UCLouvain, Keio University International Center, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Vanderbilt University TU, University of Bonn, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), University Teknologi, Dartmouth College, Waseda University, University of Bergen

Erasmus University College, Erasmus University, Qatar University, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, University of Campinas, Tongji University, Twente Pathway College, University of Twente (UT), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Göttingen, Harbin Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Otago, Arizona State University, University of Aberdeen, University of the Andes, Queensland University of Technology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Chulalongkorn University, National Cheng Kung University, Complutense University of Madrid, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), University of Hamburg, University of Reading Bauman Moscow State Technical University Curtin University Macquarie University UCLouvain Keio University International Center Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Vanderbilt University Bonn National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) Waseda University University of Bergen Erasmus University College Tongji University Universitas Gadjah Mada Radboud University Pompeu Fabra University Queen's University Institute of Technology King Saud University, Sun Yat-sen University, Kyung Hee University, Saint-Petersburg State University, University of Galway, University of Porto, Darmstadt University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Maastricht University, University of Leicester, University of Antwerp, Georgetown University, Heriot-Watt University, Graz University of Technology, Taylor's University, University of Canterbury, University of Warsaw, Belarusian State University, Hiroshima University Indiana University Friedrich-Alexander-Universität University of East Anglia University of London Polytechnic University of Catalonia Moscow State Institute of International Relations Ewha Womans University IE University University of Jyväskylä University of Southern Denmark Johannes Kepler University University of Connecticut Friedrich Schiller University Norwegian University of Science and Technology University of Dundee University of Stuttgart Banaras Hindu University Jamia Millia University Norwegian University of Science and Technology University of Dundee Friedrich Schiller University ITMO University University, The American University in Cairo University of Naples Federico I Johannes Gutenberg University Leipzig University National Technical University of Athens Shanghai University Xiamen University Flinders University University at Buffalo University of the Witwatersrand Austral University Laval University Far Eastern Federal University University of Strasbourg National Taipei University of Technology San Raffaele University Oxford Brookes University University of Coimbra Wake Forest University Saarland University, Amirkabir University of Technology Beihang University Umm Al-Qura University University of Montevideo Stellenbosch University UIT La Trobe University Kazan Federal University Airlangga University American University of Sharjah Umea University Shandong University National Technical University of Athens Shanghai University Xiamen University Flinders University University of the Witwatersrand Austral University Laval University Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) University of Coimbra University of Coimbra Saarland University University, Amity University Amrita University An-Najah National University Ankara University Asia University, Taiwan Assiut University Athens University of Economics and Business Auburn University Babes-Bolyai University Baku State University Banaras Hindu University Baylor University Belgorod State University Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Bielefeld University Binghamton University Binus University International Birla Institute of Technology and Science Birmingham City University BRAC University Brigham Young University Brock University, Missouri University of Science and Technology Swarthmore College Universidade de Aveiro Western Sydney University Yokohama City University Goldsmiths, University of London Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Alcalá University of Bayreuth University of Canberra University of Costa Rica Poznan University of Life Sciences The New School University of Bordeaux University of Kiel Beijing University of Chemical Technology University of Texas Warsaw University of Technology Hitotsubashi University Iran University of Science and Technology Sabanci University, Savitribai Phule Pune University Southern Federal University Universidad Panamericana México University of Konstanz University of Mannheim V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Anna University Cairo University University of Cairo University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – UNIMORE University of Murcia University of New Hampshire University of Patras University of Peshawar University of Salford University of Santo Tomas University of Seoul University of the Andes, Chile University of Punjab University of the West, Abat Oliba - CEU University, Zhengzhou University, Al-Quds University, Jeonbuk National University, Masaryk University, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Saratov State University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Szeged, University of Zaragoza, Aston University, Bilkent University, Boston College, Dalian University of Technology, Murdoch University, Niigata University, Singapore Management University, and Sofia University St. China's Kliment Ohridski University of Electronic Science and Technology, Pavia University, Seville University, Ulsan Hallym University, and Nagasaki University are among the universities in China, University of Fribourg University of Quebec University of Valencia Macau University of Science and Technology National Central University Shenzhen University University of Delaware University of Regensburg China Agricultural University Hunan University China Agricultural University Lehigh University Polytechnic University of Bari The University of Jordan University of Crete University of Guelph University of Minho bo Akademi University Bangor University Braunschweig University of Technology Carleton University Chiang Mai University CIFFOP Institute for Advanced HR Education, Training, and Research, Thammasat University The University of Alabama Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia University of Antioquia Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia University of Antioquia Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia University of Antioquia Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia University of Antioquia Universidad, University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice University of South Carolina University of the Basque Country University of Trieste University of Westminster University of Tenaga National Victoria University Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Virginia Commonwealth University Zayed University Adolfo Ibáez University Belarusian National Technical University Chonnam National University Chungnam National University Clark University CY Cergy Paris University CY TECH Dankook University Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Howard, Chungbuk National University Saitama University San Diego State University Sheffield Hallam University Tallinn University Tokai University Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ University Malaysia) University of Bucharest University of Calabria University of Latvia University of Miskolc University of Pardubice University of Rijeka (uniri) University of San Diego University of the Pacific COMSATS University Doshisha University Corvinus University of Budapest Melbourne Business School Doshis, AGH University of Science & Technology Ain Shams University American University of Armenia Australian Catholic University Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Beijing Foreign Studies University Beijing Jiaotong University Beirut Arab University Bournemouth University Brawijaya University Budapest University of Technology and Economics Ca' Foscari University of Venice Catholic University of Portugal Chandigarh University Charles Stuart University China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou) Clarkson University Clemson University College of William & Mary Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Crac, Donghua University Riga Technical University Rosario University Rovira i Virgili University Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University Shiraz University University of Santiago de Compostela University of Sherbrooke University of Windsor Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan AGH University of Science & Technology Ain Shams University American University of Armenia China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou) Duy Tan University Edinburgh Napier University Federal University of Santa Catarina Federal University of Paraná, Loyola University of Chicago Lviv Polytechnic National University Manchester Metropolitan University Marche Polytechnic University Maynooth University Mendel University in Brno Metropolitan Autonomous University Nanjing Agricultural Universit Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics National Chung Cheng University National Institute of Technology National University of Córdoba Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun Northwest A & F University Northwest University China Nottingham Trent University Novosibirsk State Technical

Solve Zone Services for project reports, thesis, and projects available in the following cities of India:

Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vishakapatnam, Surat 

Solve Zone provides thesis and project reports in the following states:

Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Goa, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jaipur,  Sikkim, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Assam, Haryana,        Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, TamilNadu

We are providing services in the following capitals:

Chandigarh, Mumbai, Imphal, Shillong, Aizawl, Kohima, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Gangtok, Chennai, Agartala, Lucknow, Dehradun, Kolkata, Amaravati, Gandhinagar, Itanagar, Dispur, Panaji, Chandigarh, Shimla, Delhi, Srinagar (summer), Jammu (winter), Bengaluru, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Gairsain, Patna, Thiruvananthapuram

We also provide services in the following districts of India:

Anantapur, Chittoor, Cuddapah, East Godavari, Guntur, Krishna, Kurnoool, Nellore, Prakasam, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam,Vizianagara, West Godavari Anjaw, Changlan, Dibang Valley, East Kameng, East Siang, Kurung Kumey, Lohit,  Lower Dibang Valley, Lower Subansiri,  Papum Pare, Tawang, Tirap, Upper Sian, Upper Subansiri,West Kameng, West Siang Baksa, Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Cachar, Chirang, Darrang, Dhemaji, Dhubri, Dibrugar, Dima Hasao, Goalpara, Golaghat, Hailakandi, Jorhat, Kamrup,  Kamrup Metropolitan, Karbi Anglong,  Karimgan, Kokrajhar, Lakhimpur, Marigaon, Nagaon, Nalbarim, Sibsagar, Sonitpur,Tinsukia,  Udalguri, Araria, Arwal, Aurangabad, Banka,  Begusarai, Bhagalpur, Bhojpur, Buxar,  Darbhanga,Gaya,  Gopalganj, Jamui, Jehanabad, Kaimur, Katihar, Khagaria, Kishanganj, Lakhisarai, Madhepura, Madhubani, Munger, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda, Nawada, Pashchim Champaran, Patna,  Purba Champaran, Purnia, Rohtas, Saharsa,Samastipur, Saran, Sheikhpura, Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Siwan, Supaul, VaishaliEast, North South West Ariyalu, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, DindigulErode, Kancheepuram, Kanniyakumari, Karur, Krishnagiri, Madurai, Nagapattinam, Namakkal, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Ramanathapuram, Salem,Sivaganga, Thanjavur, Nilgiris, Theni, Thiruval, Thiruvarur, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, Tiruvanamala, Toothukudi, Vellore, Viluppuram, Virudhunagar, Adilabad, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddi, Warangal Dhalai, North Tripura, South Tripura, West Tripura, Ambedkar, Bastar, Bijapur, Bilaspur, Dakshin, Bastar Dantewada, Dhamtari, Durg, Janjgir Champa, Jashpur, Kabeerdham, Korba, Koriya, Mahasamund, Narayanpur, Raigarh, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Surguja, Uttar Bastar, North Goa, South Goa, Kanker, Chandigarh, Nagar, Auraiya, Azamgarh, Baghpat, Bahraich, Ballia, Balrampur, Banda, Barabanki, Bareilly, Basti, Bijnor, Budaun, Bulandshahar, Chandauli, Chitrakoot, Deoria, Etah, Etawah, Faizabad, Farrukhabad, Fatehpur, Firozabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Ghazipur, Gonda, Gorakhpur, Hamirpur, Hardoi, Jalaun, Jaunpur, Jhansi, Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Kannauj, Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar, Kanshiram Nagar, Kaushambi, Kheri, Kushinagar Lalitpur Lucknow, Mahamaya, Bilaspur, Chamba, Hamirpur, Kangra, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahul, Spiti, Mandi, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan, Una, Ahmadabad, Amreli, Anand, Banas, Kantha, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Dohad, Gandhinagar, Lirajpur, Anuppur, Ashoknagar, Balaghat, Barwani, Betul, Bhind, Bhopal, Burhanpur, Chhatarpur, Chhindwara, Damoh, Datia, Dewas, Dhar, Dindori, East Nimar, Guna, Gwalior, Harda, Hoshangabad, Indore, Jabalpur, Bokaro, Chatra, Deoghar, Dhanbad, Dumka, Garhwa, Giridih, Godda, Gumla, Hazaribag, Jamtara, Khunti, Kodarma, Latehar, Lohardaga, Pakur, Palamu, Pashchimi Singhbhum, Purbi Singhbhum, Ramgarh, Ranchi, Sahibganj, Saraikella Kharsawan, Simdegar, Jhabua, Katni, Mandla, Mandsaur, Morena, Narsimhapur, Neemuch, Panna, Raise, Rajgarh, Ratlam, Rewa, Sagar, Satna, Sehore, Seoni, Shahdol, Shajapur, Sheopur, Shivpuri, Sidhi, Singrauli, Tikamgarh, Ujjain, Umaria, Vidisha, West Nimar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kachchh, Kheda, Mahesana, Narmada, Navsari, Panch Mahals, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot, Sabar Kantha, Surat, Surendranagar, Tapi, The Dangs, Vadodara, ValsadNagar, Maharajganj, Mahoba, Mainpuri, Mau, Meerut, Mirzapur, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Pilibhit, Pratapgarh, Rae Bareli, Rampur, Saharanpur, Bagalkot, Bangalore, Bangalore, Belgaum, Bellary, Bidar, Bijapur, Chamarajanagar, Chikkaballapura, Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Dakshina Kannada, Davanagere, Dharwad, Gadag, Gulbarga, Hassan, Haveri, Kodagu, Kolar, Koppal, Mandya, Mysore, Raichur,  Ramanagara, Shimoga, Tumku, Udupi, Uttara Kannada, Yadgir, Aizawl, Champhai, Kolasib, Lawngtlai, Lunglei,  Mamit,  Saiha, Serchhip, Dimapur,  Kiphire, Kohima, Longleng, Mokokchung, Mon , Peren, Phek, Tuensang, Wokha,  Zunheboto Ambala,  Bhiwani, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Hisar,  Jhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Mahendragarh,Mewat, Palwal, Panchkula, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Sirsa,  Sonipat, Yamunanagar , Sant Kabir Nagar, Sant Ravidas Nagar Shahjahanpur, Shravasti,  Siddharthnagar, Sitapur, Sonbhadra, Sultanpur, Unnao, Almora,  Bageshwar, Chamoli, Champawat, Dehradun, Garhwal, Hardwar, Nainital, Pithoragarh, Rudraprayag,  Tehri Garhwal,  Udham Singh Barnala, Bathinda,  Faridkot, Fatehgarh Sahib, Firozpur, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar,  Kapurthala, Ludhiana, Mansa, Moga,  Muktsar,  Patiala,  Rupnagar,  Sahibzada, Ajit Singh Nagar, Sangrur, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar, Tarn Taran ,Ajmer,  Alwar, Banswara, Baran, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bhilwara, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittaurgarh, Churu, Dausa, Dhaulpur, Dungarpur, Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jaipur,  Jaisalmer, Jalor, Jhalawar, Jhunjhun, Jodhpur,  Karaul,  Kota,  Nagaur, Pali , Pratapgarh,  Rajsamand, Sawai Madhopur, Sika, Sirohi, Tonk, UdaipNagar, Uttarkashi Bankura, Barddhaman, Birbhum, Dakshin Dinajpur, Darjiling,  Haora, Hugli, Jalpaiguri, Koch Bihar, Kolkata, Maldah,  Murshidabad, Nadia, North Twenty Four Parganas,  Paschim Medinipur, Purba Medinipur, Puruliya, South Twenty Four Parganas,  Uttar Dinajpur Anantanang,  Badgam, Bandipore, Baramul, Doda, Ganderbal, Jammu, Kargil, Kathua, Kishtwar,  Kulgam, Kupwara, Leh,  Pulwama, Punch, Rajauri, Ramban, Reasi, Samba, Shupiyan, Srinagar , Udampur ,Anugul, Balangir, Baleshwar, Bargarh, Baudh, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Debagarh, Dhenkana, Gajapati, Ganjam, Jagatsinghapur, Jajapur, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Kandhamal, Kendrapara, Kendujhar,Khordha, Koraput, Malkangiri, Mayurbhanj, Nabarangapur, Nayagarh, Nuapada, Puri,  Rayagada, Sambalpur,  Subarnapur, Sundargarh Ahmadnagar, Akola Amravati, Aurangabad, Bhandara, Bid, Buldana, Chandrapur, Dhule,  Gadchirol, Gondiya, Hingoli, Jalgaon, Jalna, Kolhapur, Latur, Mumbai, Mumbai (Suburban),Nagpur, Nanded, Nandurba,Nashik, Osmanabad, Parbhani, Pune, Raigarh,  Ratnagiri, Sangli, Satara,  Sindhudurg, Solapur, Thane, Wardha, Washim, Yavatma, Bishnupur, Chandel, Churachandpur, Imphal East,  Imphal West, Senapati,  Tamenglong, Thoubal, Ukhrul, Dimapur,  Kiphire, Kohima, Longleng, Mokokchun,  Phek,  Tuensang, Wokha,  Zunheboto,  Amritsar,  Barnala, Bathinda,  Faridkot, Fatehgarh Sahib, Firozpur, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Ludhiana, Mansa, Moga, Muktsar, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddi, Warangal, Patiala, Rupnagar, Sahibzada, Ajit Singh Nagar,Sangrur, Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar,Tarn Tarangra, Aligarh, Allahabad,  Ambedkar Nagar, Auraiya,Azamgarh, Baghpat,Bahraich Ballia,Balrampur, Banda,Barabanki, Bareilly,Basti, Bijnor,Budaun, Bulandshahar,Chandauli, Chitrakoot, Deoria, Etah, Etawah, Faizabad, Farrukhabad,  Fatehpur, Firozabad,  Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Ghazipur, Gonda,  Gorakhpur,  Hamirpur,Hardoi,  Jalaun,  Jaunpur, Jhansi,  Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Kannauj,  Kanpur Dehat, Kanpur Nagar, Kanshiram Nagar,  Kaushambi, Kheri, Kushinagar,  Lalitpur, Lucknow, Mahamaya Nagar, Maharajganj, Mahoba, Mainpuri,  Mathura, Mau,Meerut,Mirzapur, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Pilibhit, Pratapgarh,Rae Bareli, Rampur, Saharanpur, Sant Kabir Nagar,Sant Ravidas Nagar, Shahjahanpur, Shravasti, Siddharthnagar, Sitapur, Sonbhadra, Agra,  Auraiya, Azamgarh, Baghpat, Saharanpur, Sonbhadra,  Sultanpur, Unnao, Varanasi

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