Ph.d. thesis writing services in education


Ph.D. Education is the doctorate that helps the students to develop the skill and tells how to aim in the research so that the students can contribute their best in professional practice as well as knowledge. This course makes the students experts both in the quantitative as well as the qualitative field. This course is specially designed as per the UGC norms.

Ph.D. Thesis Writing

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Solve Zone provides the overall solution for Ph.D. thesis writing services. Therefore we provide certain things to students:

  • Provide the topic so that students can achieve success in the academics
  • Providing the synopsis (as a research proposal)
  • Writing of Excellent thesis content
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  • Preparation of research paper
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Solve Zone provides full guidance in the creation of thesis writing in seven steps:

  • Introduction of thesis topic
  • Literature review of the topic
  • Research Methodology about the topic
  • Validation, data analysis, result, and discussion
  • Conclusion and suggestion
  • Bibliography and References
  • Appendix

Major Topic Example for thesis writing

  • Analysis of employment skills
  • Impact of I-pad and computers on young students
  • Effectiveness of teaching and learning process
  • Impact of m learning in higher education
  • Impact of mobile phones on the psychological health of the student
  • Effectiveness of viva examination
  • Application of bloom taxonomy
  • Impact of leadership in the education sector
  • Children's response to novel illustration
  • Deep analysis in education
  • Comparative study of the public and private sector in education
  • Exploring the teacher's and students' relationship
  • A design of research study based on education
  • Expressions of innovation in the school organization
  • Understanding Montessori Education contextual
  • Literacy through digital teaching
  • Teaching reality in the classroom
  • Real data time performance in education
  • Comparative study between cognitive science and learning environment
  • Different ways to monitor the mental health of the students
  • Study about girls' education and the empowerment
  • Effects of distance learning
  • Comparative study between the communication of teachers and parents online and offline
  • The effect of technology on distance learning