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Ph.D. in Clinical Research

Ph.D. in Clinical Research year doctoral level course dealing in the research of clinical components. The programme is degined in a way so as to help students prepare a career in clinical or translation research.

This programme draws deserving students from all over the nation, representing a variety of health professions, in order to give them a solid education and mentored clinical research experience that will enable them to earn a doctorate in clinical research.

The prospective candidates must have earned a Master's degree from a recognised institution or university in one of the following fields: dentistry, life sciences, pharmacy, physiotherapy, microbiology, medicine, etc. with a minimum of 55% and above.

The admissions procedure is purely merit-based, with applicants needed to pass the program's entrance exam before moving on to group discussions and individual interviews with the participating universities.

Why pursue clinical research as a PhD?

There are a variety of reasons why individuals wishing to specialise in clinical research choose to enroll in a PhD programme in clinical research. Typically, students choose to concentrate in this course for the reasons listed below:

The students gain specialised expertise in the area of clinical research, which is concerned with the study of clinical components, thanks to this programme.

It offers a thorough examination with both academic and practical knowledge of the subject matter.

The typical income for the course's doctorates ranges from INR 4 to 12 lacs, with additional benefits that rise steadily in value as they gain more experience and subject-matter competence.

After earning a doctorate, the students have a variety of professional options to select from, including those in pharmacy, the biological sciences, microbiology, and other fields thanks to the expert instruction they received.

The curriculum helps students develop their skills as researchers and scientists in the area of clinical research.


Ph.D. Thesis Writing Services in Clinical Research

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Symbiosis international university – pune

Centre Durg Research institute- CSIR – Uttar Pradesh

Delhi Institute of pharmaceutical science and research – Allahabad

Indian institute of public health-IIPH – Delhi

Institute of Clinical Research India-ICRI – Bangalore

Institute of Clinical Research India-ICRI – Noida

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