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IGNOU MBA MS100 project report is a mandatory task to perform for all the student enrolled in the IGNOU Master of Business Administration program for any stream offered by IGNOU. There is a dire need for this project to be according to the university guidelines and originally written by the students only. Sometimes students do find out the minute details of the project report and the synopsis are difficult to understand without a clear understanding of its project report writing can be hectic and also has the risk of getting the whole project work rejected.    

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Before going for research work/ project report/ dissertation, you need to get your synopsis approved by the university. It also required you to have a appropriate guide along with his updated and complete CV. Both of these has to be according to university guidelines and accepted topics. After getting your synopsis approved you need to start working on project report/ dissertation/ and research report writing.

Research work is crucial part of the MBA program and has to be done very carefully that, it is not a copy of somebody else, the data used is genuine, data analysis tools also be justified and carefully used and chosen. It is also necessary to follow complete guidelines of the university, failing which could cost rejection of the project report/ dissertation/ synopsis etc.

how to get your synopsis approved? How to choose your research topic? How to write IGNOU MBA synopsis, Project report, dissertation, and research work? how to carefully choose guide and apply for synopsis to get approved?

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What is a synopsis or Research proposal?

Research proposal/ synopsis is the first step of any research/ project report. The student is required to write appropriate synopsis or research proposal by carefully choosing the guide and the research topic. After choosing the guide and research/ synopsis topic student is required to send the proposal/ synopsis along with the CV of the guide to the concerned department of the university. The proposal must be according to the university-approved guidelines and duly signed by both student and the guide.

After getting the synopsis/ research proposal accepted by the university, the main Research/ project report is started to be written on the basis of research done by the student with the help of his/her guide. The data used, statistic tool used must be justified and errorless. The whole process of research work must be done under his/her guide only. The communication between the student and the guide is also need to be registered completely and should be submitted to the university when asked.

Following are the details which need to be considered while applying for the synopsis or research proposal:

1. The Research proposal/ synopsis application must contain.

  • Introduction, and reason to choose particular topic clearly written.
  • Problem statement/ question.
  • Objectives of the research.
  • Research Methodology:
      • Nature of the data and source of data.
      • Sample and sampling technique. The clear Rationale behind chosen organization/ sample.
      • Tools and Techniques in data collection – detailed tools/questionnaire relevance with the objectives of the project.
      • Methods used for data collection.
      • Data analysis- Statistical tools used in analysis along with its relevance to the topic.
  • Limitation of research work.
  • Future recommendation for the research.

2. CV of Project Guide for MS100 Must be Attached with Research proposal/ synopsis.

  • Name and Date of Birth of the guide.
  • Full Address and Contact number.
  • Detailed Educational Qualifications – Clearly mentioned Degree (with specialization), Name and Address of the University/Institution and the year of award of degree/qualification, along with percentage of marks obtained.
  • Detailed work experience, stated in chronological order of the designation, period, Name and contact number of the organization authority.


Note – Spouse, relatives, blood relations are not eligible to be the guide.

  • In such scenario the student is advised to replace the guide and submit A fresh Project proposal with the signature for the new guide.
  • Similarly, if a student wants to change his/her guide for other reasons, she/he should necessarily submit the new project proposal signed by the new guide.
  • No guide will take more than 5 students at a time.

Note: Students are advised to select guide who is active professional in the relevant Stream, for example: if it is Finance project, the guide must be an expert in Finance. Project Guides are requested to restrict only guiding projects for their core specialization area.

3. Synopsis/Research Proposal Submission and Approval

Candidate must choose the research topic quite carefully and must discuss and understood with the help of their chosen guide after this, The Candidate must send its Project Proposal Proforma along with one copy the CV of the research guide to, The Coordinator (Projects), School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 for getting approval for research.

Incomplete proposal will be rejected and won’t be considered again. So, Students are advised to keep a copy alongside in such scenario. And must be applied for fresh research proposal signed with their research guide.

The project proposal has to be submitted before the end of second semester (within one year) of the registration for MS-100. The student has enough time of 8 to 9 month for completing their project work and submit it with the given time frame of registration validity of IGNOU MS 100 Project. Students who fails for timely submission of the project proposals will have to register again for MS-100 program for next year.

After getting your research proposal/synopsis approved by the university student can start doing his/her research by following universities suggested norms and guidelines.


The Project Report must contain the following:

  • Cover Page- Name and Registration No. of the Student, the Name of the Guide, along with the project title.
  • Table of contents- having details and page number.
  • Project Proposal- University approved proforma and detailed CV of the Guide.
  • Certificate of originality- Along with date and signature of guide and the student.
  • Introduction- Abstract of the Project and literature reviewed written clearly.
  • Problem Statement
  • Objectives of the research.
  • Research Methodology: Research plan, Nature and Source of data and information collected, Sample and Sampling technique with correct rationale.
  • Details of the tools: The Questionnaire and other techniques used, its Purpose, Reliability and Validity. Data collection, Data Handling, Statistical techniques used for Data Analysis, Data Interpretation, Findings.
  • Conclusion & recommendation.
  •  Limitations of the research work
  •  Reference and Relevant Bibliography
  •  Annexures and Appendices (very Important).


Note: Research Methodology of the Project Report must explain about all above stated components of its methodology.



5.Communication process between student and the Guide.

A written communication description regarding the approval/non-approval of the project proposal been sent to the student within four months (without Holidays and non-working days of faculty) of the receipt of the proposal in the School.

6.Resubmission of Project Proposal

In case of non-approval of the proposal the comments/suggestions for redesigning the project, proposal will be sent to the student via mail or post. In this scenario, the revised project proposal has to be submitted along with fresh project proposal proforma and a copy of the rejected proposal proforma and project proposal proforma bearing the comments of the evaluator or reviewer to whom PPN (Project Proposal Number) is allotted by the School of Management Studies.



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IGNOU MBA project report Sample

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IGNOU MBA project report Format

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IGNOU MBA project report Guide

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Q.1 What is difference between Synopsis/ Research proposal and Project report/ Research work in IGNOU MBA?

Ans. Research proposal/ synopsis is the first step of any research/ project report. The student is required to write appropriate synopsis or research proposal by carefully choosing the guide and the research topic. After choosing the guide and research/ synopsis topic student is required to send the proposal/ synopsis along with the CV of the guide to the to the concern department of the university. The proposal must be according to the university approved guidelines and duly signed by both student and the guide.

After getting the synopsis/ research proposal accepted by the university, the main Research/ project report is started to be written on the basis of research done by the student with the help of his/her guide. The data used, statistic tool used must be justified and errorless. The whole process of research work must be done under his/her guide only. The communication between student and the guide is also need to be registered completely and should be submitted to the university when asked.

Q 2. Career option after MBA?

Ans. Here are the few suggested career options available for the MBA Degree holders:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Market Analyst
  • Cashier/ Teller
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Real estate/ Insurance-Finance Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Sales analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Business advisor

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Ans. Yes, Absolutely Solve zone gives full guarantee for the timely completion of your project before its deadline.

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Ans. Talk to Solve zone’s counsellor through Chat or by making a call or, fill the enquiry form given in the sidebar, our counsellor will call you within 1 hour.

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Ans. It usually takes 24 hours to assign your project to the right expert, after the payment is confirmed, you will get the payment invoice receipt on your email and you can talk on conference call to the expert who is working on your assignment as well.

Q.6 Can I discuss my project work with your experts?

Ans. You can request a call back from our counsellor, and ask for a Solve zone’s expert call back afterwards.

Q.7 Do I need to show any documents to Solve zone?

Ans. Research team will call and explain the requirements for your work. We can also ask you to provide us with these documents:

  • Assignment Topic/ Synopsis
  • Gridlines/Format
  • Transcripts
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation Report
  • University study material and References
  • University’s Guidelines
  • Other Requirements

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