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Ignou Solved Assignment For TS-4 Indian Culture A Perspective for Tourism

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course BTS(Tourism-Studies)
Short Name or Subject Code TS-4 Indian Culture A Perspective for Tourism
Product BTS(Tourism-Studies) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1. Describe in detail the chief features of Indian cultural heritage. 20

2. What are the major impacts of tourism on local culture? Substantiate your answer with suitable examples. 20

3. Describe the status of Indian music during medieval period. 20

4. Write a note on the growth and development of Indian Cinema. 20

5. What is a “Museum”? Describe various types of museums functioning in India.20

6. Examine the importance of archaeology of the Gangetic civilization. 20

7. Express your views to improve the condition of handicraft industry. 20

8. What are various religious practices of Tribal? How the same can be used in travel and tourism industry? 20

9. What is performing art? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. 20

10. Write short notes on: (10x2=20) a) Anthropological Survey of India b) Arya Samaj