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Ignou Solved Assignment For TS-3 Management in Tourism

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course B.H.M
Short Name or Subject Code TS-3 Management in Tourism
Product B.H.M of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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Q.1 What do you understand by Managerial Roles? What are the responsibilities of a Manager? 

Q.2. Who is an entrepreneur? Discuss the qualities required to be an entrepreneur. 

Q.3 Discuss the importance of human resource development in tourism services.

Q.4 What do you understand by decision making? List the steps in decision making. 

Q.5. Write short notes on : 

a) Delegation of Authority

b) Management Information System

c) Planning Skills d) Organisation Culture

Q.6. Discuss the importance of Human Resource Management in Tourism. 

Q.7. What do you understand by financial management? What steps would you take for managing cash? 

Q.8 Discuss the importance of product knowledge in packaging tours. 

Q.9. Discuss the various forms of challenges faced by the PR department. 

Q.10. Explain the importance of control system in food services.