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Ignou Solved Assignment For TS-03 Management in Tourism

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course BTS(Tourism-Studies)
Short Name or Subject Code TS-03 Management in Tourism
Product BTS(Tourism-Studies) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1. Who is Entrepreneur? Elaborate the qualities of an Entrepreneur. 20

2. Why is planning important for any tourism organization? Enumerate the steps in the planning process. 20

3. Write short notes on the following: 10+10= 20

a). Influencing factors for organizational culture

b). Organizational Structure

4. Identify characteristic features of services. Discuss the various issues to be considered while managing tourism services. 20

5. Elaborate the importance of Human Resource Management in travel and tourism industry. Sustainable your answer with suitable examples. 20

6. What are the different types of Costs? How costing is worked out for a Tour package?20

7. “The need for Public Relations (RR) in a service- based industry like tourism is greater”. Justify the statement giving appropriate examples. 20

8. List the major functions of an Airport. Highlight general issues and also problematic areas in Airport Management. 20

9. What is a Balance Sheet? Discuss the main items listed on a balance sheet. 20 10. Write short notes on the following: 10+10=20

a). Business travellers and their needs

b). Convention Marketing