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Ignou solved assignment for Society in India ESO-12

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course BA(Sociology)
Short Name or Subject Code Society in India ESO-12
Product BA(Sociology) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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Answer all the questions


Section – I

Answer the following in about 500 words each. Marks 

Explain the changing nature of the agrarian class structure. 

2. Discuss the changing facets of Caste System in India 20


Section – II

Answer the following questions in about 250 words each.

3. Differentiate between lineage and kinship 

4. What are the major problems encountered by ‘Scheduled Castes’ in India? 

5. Describe the features of the kinship system of South India 

6. Discuss the changing forms of marriage in India Society. 12


Section – III

Answer the following questions in about 100 words each.

7. Explain the concept of “dominant caste”. 

8. What do you understand by “sanskritization”?