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Ignou Solved Assignment For MTTM 5 Accounting and Finance for Manages in Tourism

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course M.A(Tourism-Management)
Short Name or Subject Code MTTM 5 Accounting and Finance for Manages in Tourism
Product M.A(Tourism-Management) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1. Why is Accounting viewed as an Information System? Explain the framework and structure of Accounting. 20

2. What is the importance of preparing cash flow statement for a business organisation? Discuss the various sources of cash flows. 20

3. Discuss the concept and significance of „Budgetary Control‟. Explain the steps for installing an effective system of budgetary control in an organisation. 20

4. What is meant by Cash cycle? How is the duration of Cash Cycle measured? Explain with an example. 20

5. What do you mean by Cost Accounting? Explain the various types of „Costs‟. 20

6. Discuss the factors that are taken into consideration by a company while taking a decision on dividend to be declared. 20

7. What do you understand by Zero Base Budgeting? Explain the steps involved in Zero Base Budgeting and also its advantages. 20

8. What do you understand by Depreciation? How can we calculate Depreciation? 20

9. Construct a Profit and Loss statement of a tourism company of your choice. 20

10. Discuss the various Investment Appraisal methods. 20