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Ignou solved assignment for MSW-032 Social Work and Criminal Justice

University  IGNOU
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Course M.S.W.
Short Name or Subject Code MSW-032 Social Work and Criminal Justice
Product M.S.W. of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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(i) Answer any five of the following questions in about 300 words each.

(ii) All questions carry equal marks.


1. What is Criminal Justice Administration? Explain its various components.  

2. Enlist the constitutional rights of the accused.

3. What is labeling theory? Elaborate.

4. Explain juvenile justice system in India.

5. Write a short note on the development of prison reform in India after independence.  

6. Trace the genesis of child protection law.

7. Describe the concept of justice.

8. Explain the victim compensation scheme in India.