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Ignou Solved Assignment for MSO-003: Sociology of Development

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course M.A(Sociology)
Short Name or Subject Code MSO-003: Sociology of Development
Product M.A(Sociology) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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Section -I


1. What do you understand by “top- down” approach to development? What are its main criticisms? 20 Marks

2. What is the genesis of sustainable development and how has it evolved over a period? 20 Marks

3. What is the relationship between Gender and Development? Discuss. 20 Marks

4. Critically evaluate Gandhian perspective on development. 20 Marks




5. What is the role of welfare state in addressing social inequality in society? 20 Marks

6. What do you understand by globalization? Discuss its main features. 20 Marks

7. Write a note on the emergence and growth of Green Peace Movement. 20 Marks

8. Discuss the role of ICTs in the growth of service economy 20 Marks