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Ignou Solved Assignment for MRDE-004 Land Reforms and Rural Development

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course M.A.(Rural-Development)
Short Name or Subject Code MRDE-004 Land Reforms and Rural Development
Product M.A.(Rural-Development) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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Long Answer Questions

Attempt any One of the following:

1. What do you understand by entrepreneurship? Elaborate on its relevance for rural development.

2. Discuss the various domains of entrepreneurship relevant for rural India.

3. What are the basic infrastructural needs required to be developed for rural entrepreneurship? Elaborate.


Medium Answer Questions

Attempt any Two of the following:

1. What is rural entrepreneurship?

2. Would you consider the Kikuyus of Kenya as entrepreneurs?

3. Briefly discuss the sources of funds for a rural enterprise.


Short Answer Questions

Attempt any Five of the following:

1. Innovation

2. Adaptation

3. Mal-Integration of Rural and Urban Economy

4. Intensive Campaigns

5. Partnership

6. Market Research

7. Break-Even Analysis

8. Working Capital