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Ignou Solved Assignment for MRD-004 Research Methods in Rural Development

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course M.A.(Rural-Development)
Short Name or Subject Code MRD-004 Research Methods in Rural Development
Product M.A.(Rural-Development) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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Long Answer Questions

Attempt any One ofthe following :

1. How do you prepare a research proposal for a ruraldevelopment programme? Explain.

2. Define descriptive research. Explain its main steps, types and process involved in collection of data.

3. Critically explain the main body of writing a research report.


Medium Answer Questions 

Attempt any Two ofthe following :

1. What do you mean by interview? Brieflyexplain its types, techniques, uses and limitations.

2. Describe empiricalresearch. Explain in briefits characteristics.

3. Elaborate the meaning of measurement inruraldevelopment.


Short Answer Questions 

Write short notes on any Five of the following :

1. Characteristics of Research

2. Null Hypothesis

3. Stages of Action Research

4. Deconstruction and Reconstruction

5. Quota Sampling

6. Bivariate Analysisof Quantitative Data

7. Observation of Behaviours

8. Use of Computer in Data Processing and Tabulation