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Ignou Solved Assignment for MPSE-003 : Western political thought ( from plato to marx)

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1. Write a note on the characteristics features of the great works of western political thought.

2. Discuss Plato’s methodology.

3. Examine Aristotle’s theory of Justice.

4. Explain Thomas Aquinas’ views on law and the state.

5. Discuss Machiavelli’s doctrine of aggrandizement.




Write a short note on the following in about 250 words each.

6. a) Thomas Hobbes on the state of nature and natural rights b) John Lock on consent, resistance and toleration

7. a) Rousseau’s critique of civil society b) Edmund Burke’s views on citizenship

8. a) Immanuel Kant on property, social contract and the state b) Jeremy Bentham’s political philosophy

9. a) Alex De Tocqueville on democracy, revolution and the modern State b) J.S. Mill on equal rights for women

10. a) Hegel’s philosophy of history b) Marx’s theory of alienation