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Ignou Solved Assignment for MPCE-012 : Pschodiagnostics

University  IGNOU
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Course MA(Psychology)
Short Name or Subject Code MPCE-012 : Pschodiagnostics
Product MA(Psychology) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1. Explain the relationship between personality and psychological functioning. Discuss the measures of personality and psychological functioning.

2. Describe in detail Thematic Apperception Test.

3. Discuss assessment in clinical psychology.




4. Define psychodiagnostics. Explain variable domains of psychological assessment.

5. Explain ethical issues in psychological assessment.

6. Discuss the skills and techniques involved in assessment interview.

7. Explain the application of psychodiagnostic testing. Differentiate between predictive assessment and descriptive assessment.

8. Differentiate between explicit and implicit memory. Explain the assessment of different memory systems.




9. Psychophysiological data

10. Perfect conditions fallacy

11. Test batteries

12. Mental Status Examination

13. Cognitive assessment

14. Structure of Intellect Model

15. Wechsler Scales for Children

16. Neuropsychological assessment

17. Differential Ability Scales

18. NEOPI Inventory