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Ignou Solved Assignment for MPA-013: Public System Management

University  IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment
Course MA(Public-Administration)
Short Name or Subject Code Ignou Solved Assignment for MPA-013: Public System Management
Product MA(Public-Administration) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1) Discuss the scope and characteristics of public systems management. 20

2) Analyse the role of new technologies in public system management through 20 examples.

3) Analyse the changing complexion of relationship between bureaucracy and 20 political executive.

4) Write a note on judicial activism in India. 20

5) Highlight the important dimensions of inter-governmental relations in federal countries like India. 20



6) Define strategic management and explain its process. 20

7) Analyse the concept and life cycle of project management. 20

8) Discuss the key group decision making techniques. 20

9) Describe the important mechanisms of bringing about responsiveness 20 in public systems management.

10) Examine the issues and strategies of women’s empowerment. 20