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Ignou Solved Assignment For MEC-005/105: INDIAN ECONOMIC POLICY

University  IGNOU
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Course MA(Economics)
Short Name or Subject Code MEC-005/105: INDIAN ECONOMIC POLICY
Product MA(Economics) of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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1. What do you understand by the term ‘quality of employment’? State the various dimensions of deterioration in the quality of employment in India. Also examine the implications of slow-down in women’s work force participation.

2. What is the distinction between Human Resource Development and Human Development? Have the economic reforms initiated since 1991 been successful in improving human development and standard of living? Give reasons. Which policy measures would you like to suggest in this regard?

Section B

3. Do you think that major institutional obstacles come in the way of improving the conditions of Indian agriculture? What kind of technology and institutional alternatives would you like to suggest in this regard?

4. State the various targets of monetary policy. State the various criterions used to define a good target variable. How monetary policy can be useful to achieve sustainable high economic growth.

5. Explain the important issues which are crucial and hence need to be addressed in India’s trade policy.

6. Critically examine the various steps taken by the Government of India towards removal of regional disparities. Which suggestions would you like to make to overcome the problem of regional imbalances?

7. How far India is from the welfare state it wished to become? To what extent the implementation of development policies adopted so far are responsible for this state of affairs?