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Ignou Solved Assignment For MCO - 01 Organization Theory and Behaviour

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Short Name or Subject Code MCO - 01 Organization Theory and Behaviour
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Attempt all the questions

1. What do you mean by Organisational Behavior? Explain the individual group, organisational and integrative perspective of organisational Behaviors. (20)

2. What are the techniques adopted by individuals and organization for stress management? (20)

3. ‘OD is an overall plan for integrating different organisational improvement activities over a period of time to accomplish objectives’. Elucidate. (20)

4. Differentiate between the following : (4×5)

(a) Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement

(b) Behavioral and Situational theory of leadership.

(c) Formal and Informal sources of power.

(d) Classical and Operant conditioning theory of learning.

5. Write short notes on the following : (4×5)

(a) Matrix Organisation

(b) Cognitive Learning

(c) Type A and Type B personality

(d) Organisational Culture