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Ignou Solved Assignment For IBO-01 International Business Environment

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Attempt all the questions.

1. How do domestic, foreign and global environment influence international business? Explain various economic and financial environment which influence international business with examples. (6+14)

2. What are the rationale of transfer of technology? Describe the non-equity forms of technology transfer by Transnational Corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises. (6+14)

3. (a) Describe the financial operations and assistance programmes of World Bank. (b) Explain the functions of various Regional Development Banks. (10+10)

4. Comment on the following statements.

i) The trade theory does not explain the pattern of specialization.

ii) FDI is not a remover of balance of payments constraints.

iii) Formation of regional economic groupings does not lead to trade diversion.

iv) There are no differences between unlawful agreement and illegal agreement. (4X5)

5. Write notes on the following :

i) Modern theory of trade

ii) Issues and controversies of Transnational Corporations

iii) Global Trade Point Network (GTPN)

iv) Role of Trade in services in economic development