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Title Name BA(History) Ignou Solved Assignment for EHI-06
University IGNOU
Service Type Assignment
Course BA(History)
Semester 2016-2017 Course: BA(History)
Short Name or Subject Code EHI-06
Commerce line item Type 2016-2017 Course: BA(History)
Product Assignment of BA(History) 2016-2017 (IGNOU)


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Bachelor´s Degree Programme(BDP)


For July 2016 and January 2017 Sessions

Course Code: EHI-06
History of China and Japan, 1840-1949

Assignment 2016-2017

Programme Code: BDP
Course Code: EHI-06
Dear Student,
As explained in the Programme Guide for BDP, you will have to do 1 Tutor Marked (TMA)
assignment for this course.
Before attempting the assignments please read the instructions provided in the Programme Guide.
Assignment Nos. Date of Submission Where to send
Assignment -1 (TMA) for July 2016 Session Students

31st March 2017 The Coordinator of your
Study Centre

Assignment -1
(TMA) for January
2017 Session

30th September

The Coordinator of your
Study Centre

Now read the following guidelines carefully before answering the questions:

In writing the assignment keep the following things in mind: Social Science/History writing of any kind involves (a) Planning (b) Selection (c) Presentation and (d) Interpretation.
a) Planning : Think out what you are asked carefully. Go through the units and in case you want any additional material, try to locate it in the Library.

See whether the question is of (i) 500 words, (ii) 250 words or (iii) 100 words. For the first and second it may be necessary to write a description with a comment. For the third YOU have to pick out the necessary facts and arrange them precisely.

b) Selection : This means picking out from your material the matter important for answering your question:

For this:

i) Take notes of the relevant material.
ii) Look them over carefully. Delete information not directly relevant to the question.
iii) Prepare a first draft. This will help you in getting a clear idea of what information you want to put down and what you want to leave out. This will also help in giving your plan a practical shape.

C) Presentation : Prepare now a second draft. This is important for putting down your ideas in a sharp and clear manner. With this you will get an idea as to how you will be able to state what you want to say within the word limits.

Prepare a third or a final draft to check out whether you have put down all you wanted to say. Read to check whether your answer is within the word limits.

D) Interpretation : Interpretation is a constant process in history writing. It is already reflected in your planning and selection. Explanatory comments with phrases like may be, because, could be, etc., immediately introduce an element of interpretation in writing itself. Here you have to be careful that these comments can be supported by the material you have in the answer.

Note : In case you run short of time you should

i) prepare a rough draft, check that you haven’t left anything out,
ii) go on to write the final draft.

Now we believe you are ready to answer the questions.

EHI-06: History of China And Japan, 1840-1949

Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)

Course Code: EHI-06
Assignment Code: EHI-06/AST/TMA/2016-17
Total Marks: 100

NOTE: All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question.

Section 1: Answer each question in about 500 words.
1. Discuss the causes of Taiping Rebellion.

What was the impact of opium war on China? 20

2. Write an essay on the Modernization of Japan in the economic field.


What led to the failure of political parties in Japan? 20

Section 2: Answer each question in about 250 words.
3. Discuss the political views of Sun-Yat Sen.

Discuss the reasons for the rise of nationalism in China. 12

4. Discuss the role of Japan in First World War.

Discuss the reason for the emergence of Japan as a World Power in the late 1930’s. 12

5. What do you understand by 21 demands? Did China accept them?


Why did the boxer uprising fail? 12

6. Write on essay on Anglo Japanese war.

What do you understand by Meiji restoration? 12

Section 3: Answer in about 100 words each.
7. Write short notes on any two of the following: 6+6
i) Ronin and Chonin?
ii) Warlordism in China?
iii) Mao-tse-tung
iv) Yu-wan-shikai?

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