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                                 Assignment – EEG-02/BEGE-102

                                  The Structure of Modern English

                                                            Assignment Code: EEG-02/BEGE-102/TMA/2019-20

                                                                                                                        Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the questions.

1    Write short notes on the following: 20

       i Basic sentence patterns

      ii Content words and grammatical words and their role in a sentence.

2a   Write the phonetic transcription of the following words. Then mark the stress. 10

                   painter    democracy    musician    neglect    fascination

2b      What are vowels? Write a detailed description of pure vowels and diphthongs. 10

3a      Place these words in the appropriate column based on the number of syllables they contain. 10

                                 2 syllables          3 syllables            4 syllables

                                   picture      different     important      company     promptness

                                   prepare    agree         placement    procedure    compare

3b    What are compound words? Describe the criteria for distinguishing compound words. Illustrate your answer with examples. 10

4a    Identify the main clause in the sentences given below: 5

       i Mary Kom is the woman athlete who won a medal in Boxing at the 2012 Olympic Games.

      ii Because it was very hot in the room, I opened the window.

      iii When she heard a noise behind her, she looked out.

      iv When I reached the railway station, I found that the train had left.

      v A coffee-maker is a machine that makes instant coffee.

4b   What do you understand by restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses? Give an example. 10

4c     Pick out the adverb clauses in the following sentences. Also, mention the type of adverb clause:

5       i He did not begin to read until he was nine years old.

        ii He will be unhappy wherever he goes.

        iii If you treat her well, she’ll do anything for you.

        iv Vimal looked happy because she had done well in the examination.

        v Mr. Kumar went home as he was not feeling well.

5a    Giving examples, write briefly about different types of negation. 10

5b    Rewrite the following sentences by using the words in bold as indicated in the brackets: The first one is done for you. 5

        i He fought courageously. (as noun) He fought with courage.

       ii She was sincere in her love. (as adverb)

       iii He climbed the tree with ease. (as adverb)

       iv She takes pride in her beauty. (as adjective)   

      v His jokes do not amuse us. (as noun)

      vi We had a narrow escape. (as adverb)

5c     Place these conjunctions (if, in case, unless, until, when) into the gaps in the sentences: 5

           i We are unable to supply the goods we receive payment in advance.

           ii A spare axle is provided one is damaged during routine use.

           iii The machine should not be modified a service engineer is present.

           iv The filter should be changed the unit has been in operation for two months.

            v The red light will come on the machine overheats.