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Ignou Solved Assignment for ECO – 01: Business Organisation

University  IGNOU
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a) Distinguish between the following: (5+5)

i) Business and Profession

ii) Public Limited Company and Public Enterprise

b) Write short notes on the following: (5+5)

i) Pervasiveness of risks in business

ii) Relationship between banker and customer

2. “Company form of business organization emerged essentially because of the limitations and failure of the partnership form of organization”. Discuss. (20)

3. What is capital structure? Discuss various factors that determine the capital structure of a company. (4+16)


(a) “Foreign trade is an engine of economic growth in a country” Comment on this statement keeping in view the Indian context.

(b) Discuss various problems of India’s Foreign trade. (10+10)

5. “Advertising is an economic waste.” Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your agreement. (20)