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Ignou Solved Assignment For CTE 03: Teaching Strategies

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Answer all questions

1 Write short notes on the following. Give examples wherever necessary: 20

i Strategies of reading

ii The importance of supplementary readers

iii Extensive and intensive listening comprehension

iv Grammar for communication 2


3 A collaborative classroom is interactive and creates ways for proactive learning. But in order to organize an effective collaborative class a teacher needs to overcome certain problems. Discuss what problems there might be and how a teacher can overcome them. Provide examples from your experience.  

4 In what sense is reading called a psycholinguistic guessing game? Explain, mentioning the knowledge and skills the learner requires to arrive at the meaning of a text.  “An efficient speaker of language needs much more than vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar of the language.” Discuss. Provide examples of four activities that you would organize to develop the spoken English of the learners.

5.What does the process oriented approach to writing comprise? Explain with the help of an example of a writing task.