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Ignou Solved Assignment For BRL - 15 IT Application in Retail

University  IGNOU
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Course B.B.A
Short Name or Subject Code BRL - 15 IT Application in Retail
Product B.B.A of Solved Assignment (IGNOU)
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(A)Short Answer type Questions


1. “Information system is a combination of computer, technology and other components”. Justify this statement. 

2. Explain the different types of purchase orders. Also define the functions of MMS related to purchase order. 

3. “The POS system can provide standard and customized reports to the retailer”. Explain and Elucidate.

4. Distinguish between the following : 

(a) Business Intelligence and Mobile business Intelligence

(b) CRM and Social CRM

(c) Institutional sign and informational sign

(d) Digital signature and signature

5. Write short notes on the following : 

(a) Cross Channel Execution

(b) Planogram

(c) Cross channel analytics

(d) ERP

6. Briefly comment on the following :  

(a) Networks and telecommunication are the important components of information system.

(b) In Hypermarkets, the basket size tend to be bigger.

(c) Seeing the growth of retail industry’ it can be safely said that future of MMS is bright in India.

(d) A successful IT project requires experience, understanding and commitment of the outcome.

7. What are the areas of big data analytics in retail? Explain any two with their respective KPIs.


(B) Essay type Questions

8. What is retail business intelligence? Discuss the steps which are helpful to move towards advanced customer analytics. 

9. What is meant by online retailing? Discuss the advantages and shortcomings of e-retailing.