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Note: Answer all questions.

1) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below. 

From the island of Rameswaram, what a great journey it’s been! Looking back it all seems quite incredible. What was it that made it possible? Hard work? Ambition? Many things come to my mind. I feel the most important thing was that I always assessed my worth by the value of my contribution. The fundamental thing is that you must know that you deserve the good things of life, the benefits that God bestows. Unless our students and young believe that they are worthy of being citizens of a developed India, how will they ever be responsible and enlightened citizens? There is nothing mysterious about the abundance in developed nations. The historic fact is that the people of these nations – the G8 as they are called – believed over many generations that they must live a good life in a strong and prosperous nation. The reality became aligned with their aspirations.

I do not think the abundance and spirituality are mutually exclusive or that it is wrong to desire material things. For instance, while I personally cherish a life with minimum of possessions, I admire abundance, for it brings along with it security and confidence, and these eventually help preserve our freedom. Nature too does not do anything by half measures, you will see if you look around you. Go to a garden. In season, there is a profusion of flowers. Or look up. The universe stretches into infinitude, vast beyond belief. All that we see in the world is an embodiment of energy. We are a part of the cosmic energy too. Therefore, when we begin to appreciate that spirit and matter are both part of existence, are in harmony with each other, we shall realize that it is wrong to feel that it is somehow shameful or non-spiritual to desire material things.

Yet, this is what we are often led to believe. Certainly there is nothing wrong with an attitude of making do with the minimum, in leading a life of asceticism. Mahatma Gandhi led such a life; but in his case as in yours it has to be a matter of choice. You follow such a lifestyle because it answers a need that arises from deep within you. However, making a virtue of sacrifice and what is forced upon you – to celebrate suffering – is a different thing altogether. This was the basis of my decision to contact our young. To know their dreams and tell them that it is perfectly all right to dream of a good life, an abundant life, a life full of pleasures and comforts, and work for that golden era. Whatever you do must come from the heart, express your spirit, and thereby you will also spread love and joy around you.

i) Why does Prof. Kalam think his journey has been incredible?  

ii) What according to Prof. Kalam made this incredible journey possible?  

iii) “There is nothing mysterious about the abundance in developed nation”. Discuss this line in the context of the views of Prof. Kalam in this passage. 

iv) What is the message that Prof. Kalam’s gives to the youth?

v) Give a title to the passage.


1.1) Pick out the words from the text which mean the same as the following:

                      hard to believe                                        essential                                         gives

                             plenty                                              successful                                   associated

                       abundance                                        having no limit                                   simplicity

                                the vast energy of the universe


2) Fill in the blanks using correct words given in the blanks. The importance of communication skills…………………… (cannot/ can) be underestimated. It………….. (have/has) been known, that long before when language………….. (is/was) yet to be invented, people used hand gestures, body language etc to converse………………… (to / with) one another. Good communication skills…………. (is /are) necessary in all walks of life. The lack of effective communication skills……….. (has/ have) a negative impact on the personal as well as professional life of a person. Good communication skills……………. (is / are) a prerequisite for professionals, in all walks of life. For example: Ineffective communication, rather than incompetence, precludes the doctor from conveying to the patient that the former…………… (has /had) the best interests of the patient in mind. For instance, a doctor……………. (may /should) be knowledgeable and may have considerable expertise in his area of work. However, a patient may feel neglected or ignored if the doctor………….. (is / are) not particularly good at communicating.


3) Complete the following telephonic conversation with suitable responses: 

a) Good morning! May I know the date of your next visit to________________? I shall be _______________________

b) Hello Miss.Liying, is the Super market _______________________? Yes, the super market is________________________________

c). How far is Wokha from_________________? Well, it is about ________________________________

d). Is Samir interested to__________________________? He said, _______________________________

e). Hello Dr.Anjum, will you be able to ______________________? Mr.Motsu, I shall be_____________________________________


4) Prepare a presentation with at least five slides on any one of the following topics. 

a) Methods of writing

b) Presentation skills

c) Resume


5) Write on any two of the given topics in about 100 words. 

a) Social Skills

b) Body Language

c) Preparing your Portfolio


6) Write a letter to your college principal requesting for providing online library services.