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Ignou solved assignment for BEGE-108

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                                                     Reading the Novel

                                               Assignment 2019 - 2020

                                               (Based on Blocks 1-6)

                                                                                                                 Max. Marks: 100

  Answer all the questions.

1.          Write short notes on any two:                                                                     2 × 10 = 20

             (i) New areas of Novel Writing

             (ii) Themes in a novel

             (iii) Prominent Women Novelists

             (iv) The novel of the Diaspora

2.       Would you agree that Dickens is a humanistic writer? Discuss your answer based on your reading of

          A Tale of Two Cities, No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman and any other novel by Dickens that you might have read.       20

3.       Attempt an analysis of Achebe as a postcolonial writer basing your answer on Things Fall Apart, and the

          other novels discussed in your study material.                                                                                                                  20

4.       Do you think Sunlight on a Broken Column deal with the exploitation of women? Discuss. 20

5.       How would you place Paraja in the context of Indian Writing in English?                                                                          20