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                                       English for Business Communication (BEGE-104)

                                                                                       Assignment Code: BDP/BEGE-104/TMA/2019-20

                                                                                                                                             Max. Marks: 100

Note: Answer all questions

1 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Paralanguage is the meaning conveyed by how something is said. Oral communication is what is said. This is the distinguishing feature that makes paralanguage different from oral language and also indicates their inseparability. It is impossible to have paralanguage without oral communication. It is almost like the relationship between computer software and hardware, there is no use of one without the other.

Paralanguage is one of the most powerful complementing media that oral communication possesses over the written. How a particular message is said is to a great extent its measure of importance. In some ways, we may call it the ‘highlighter’ of oral messages, since it uses certain physical aspects of language articulation to emphasize the central focus of the message. The features of paralanguage are Voice (volume variation, pitch variation, speed of speaking and pauses), Word stress, Inflections, and Non-fluencies. To see what role they play in this nonverbal medium, let us take up an important paralinguistic feature ‘voice’.

Voice: When the phone rings and we take the call, a voice says ‘Hello’. What are the first few things we learn about the caller apart from the meaning of the five-letter word ‘Hello’? You will be surprised by how much you can actually learn from the paralanguage of the message. First, you will be able to make out the gender of the caller; second, whether it is an identifiable or familiar voice; third, if unfamiliar, from the way the word is spoken, you may be able to assume the socio-linguistic or educational background of the person. Now, none of these meanings are actually ‘contained’ in the word ‘Hello’. These are all derived from the paralinguistic voice associate and not the oral communication itself. It is also true that without the voice it is impossible to communicate orally. This then is the relationship that exists between the two where paralanguage helps to add further meaning to oral communication.

Paralanguage is, as the name suggests, ‘like’ language. It does not use words as such. It is basically the vocalization of words.

1a What is the difference between Paralanguage and Oral communication? 2

1b “Paralanguage is one of the most powerful complementing media that oral communication possesses over the written.” Discuss. 3

1c What details can you make out when you hear the word ‘Hello’ on the phone? 3

1d What are the features of voice? 2

1e Make sentences of your own with the following words/phrases from the passage: 5

i distinguishing features      ii inseparability

iii complementing           iv familiar      v derived

1f Give opposites of the following words: 5

i oral (para 1)            ii different (para 1)

iii powerful (para 2)    iv importance (para 2)    v true (para 3) 4

2 In the following memo, the linking words and phrases are missed out. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase from the ones given.

Memo from: General Manager             To: Managing Director

Date: 1st April 2019                              Ref No. GRS/23/19

(i) …………………….we have agreed in principle to try and cut down on staff, there are two serious problems in the Buying Department.

(ii) …………………the clerk in charge of ordering from the stores is also responsible for the filing of information.

(iii) ……………. at the end of the month, when most people want replacements from the stores, and

(iv) …………… require information from the files, he is unable to help us with the demand.

(v) ………… he is practically unoccupied during the first week of every month when he could be helping someone else, so I suggest we try to reorganize his job.5

 i a) in spite of b) while c) because of

ii a) firstly b) at first c) namely

iii so that b) consequently c) because

iv a) also b) on the other hand c) therefore

v a) also b) in contrast c) otherwise

3 The following letter sounds rather direct and demanding as if written from a superior to an inferior. Improve the tone of the letter by transforming the verbs in capitals into polite forms: 5

Dear Mr. Sareen

We SHALL be grateful if you CAN explain the delay in the shipment expected on May 1st. You MAY call us on the above number to save time. Otherwise, it WILL be appreciated if you CAN reply asap.

Yours sincerely, Ashish Khetan

4 Fill the gaps using each of the following items once only: 5

also    as well as    further    additional      besides   

Please send the shipment as arranged.

We would (a)………..…… be grateful for your help in extending our product range.

Kindly send a/an (b)………..…… set of brochures on your latest series.

If possible (c)………..…… the brochures, we shall require a (d)………..…… copy of the current price list, (e)………..…… details of the updated specification.

5 Write the opening lines of five letters complying with the following requests. One is done for you as an example. 5 

Example: Please send us information about your cleaning services.

                Thank you for your mail enquiring about our cleaning services.

i. I should be grateful to receive your current catalog.

ii. Could you please send me your price list and prospectus?

iii. If you could send the parcel soon, I would be most grateful.

iv. It would be most helpful if you could send the brochure.

v. We would be interested in receiving the details of your courses. Memo from:

6 Find out the wrong sentences and correct them. 5

i One of the best-known streets in Paris are the Champs Elysees.

ii Better kinds of paper come from pulp which is made by chopping wood.

iii A large number of tourists visit India every year.

iv The Indus and many other rivers are used for irrigation to help to farm.

v All your honesty and hard work are going to help you.

7 Write a dialogue on any one of the following. 20

i) You’re waiting on a platform at the station for your train. An old lady who is also waiting says, ‘It’s a nice day, isn’t it?’ How would you continue the conversation?

ii) Your company has some money to spend on improving its employees’ English. What are the best ways of spending the money? Discuss it with your boss.

8 Write a memo informing the staff of the death of a woman who started in the company in a junior position and gradually worked her way up to an influential position. She always fought for women’s rights, both inside and outside the firm. The memo must be in about 100 to 150 words. 10

9 Write short notes on any four of the following: 20

i. Features of a good conversation

ii. Differences between telephone and face and face conversation

iii. Creative job hunting

iv. Stages of a presentation

v. Characteristics of a good report

vi. Importance of small talk in business