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Ignou Solved Assignment For BEGE 103 Communication skills in English

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Note: Answer all questions

1 Write short notes on the following: 

i The difference between dialect, accent and style

ii Code mixing and code switching

2 What are some of the components of soft skills and why is it important to have these skills? 

3a Your friend’s mother has passed away. Write a letter offering condolences to your friend. Mention the relationship that you yourself had with her. 

3b Discuss some of the questions that are commonly asked during an interview. 

4. You are working in the farming sector. Write a report on any one of the following:

i. Global warming taking a toll on our agricultural output

ii. Ways to modernize the farming sector (You could look up reference material including the Internet for points. However, be careful that you must acknowledge the source where you take your informaton from.)

5. What is the purpose of a group discussion? What is the difference between a general group discussion and an interview group discussion? You have to participate in a group discussion as part of a job interview. How would you prepare yourself?