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University  IGNOU
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Course BA(Economics)
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                           BECE-214: AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA

                                                                                                       Programme Code: BDP

                                                                                                     Course Code: BECE-214

                                                                  Assignment Code: EEC-14/AST/TMA/2019-20

                                                                                                          Maximum Marks: 100

Answer all the questions.

A. Long Answer Questions (word limit-500 words)                                                                    2 x 20 = 40 marks

1) Discuss the role of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in agricultural development in India.

2) Explain the ‘impact on employment’ on account of the distribution of gains in Indian agriculture.

B. Medium Answer Questions (word limit-250 words)                                                               4 x 12= 48 marks

3) Write a note on ‘soils and their variability’ in India.

4) Outline the trends in employment elasticity in agriculture versus non-agriculture in India over the period 1993-2005.

5) How do you explain the concept of ‘over-capitalisation’ in Indian agriculture”

6) Write a note on ‘market integration’.

C. Short Answer Questions (word limit 100 words)                                                                      2x6=12 marks

7) Philosophy of Cooperatives.

8) Expected outcomes from Convergence.