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Ignou Solved Assignment for BCOE-108 Company Law

University  IGNOU
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Course B.Com
Short Name or Subject Code BCOE-108 Company Law
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1. (a) What is a Company? Explain its important features. (4+10)

(b) Distinguish between a private company and a public company. (10)

2. What is a ‘Prospectus’? Explain the liabilities of the company and directors for misstatement in the prospectus. (4+10)

3. What do you understand by Memorandum of Association? Explain the different clauses of Memorandum of Association. (4+16)

4. (a) What is allotment of shares? Discuss the rules regarding allotment of shares? (2+8) (b) What is forfeiture of shares? How is it different from surrender of shares? (4+6)

5. (a) Who can be appointed as director? How can a director can be removed from office . before the expiry of his term of office? (4+10)

(b) Discuss the advantages of e-filing of documents. (8)