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Ignou Solved Assignment for ASP – 01: Secretarial Practice

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Short Name or Subject Code ASP – 01: Secretarial Practice
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1. Explain different roles of a secretary. What are the desirable qualifications of a secretary? (10+10)

2. Describe the steps necessary for the preparation of conducting a meeting. Give samples of a notice and agenda in connection with a meeting. (10+10)

3. Describe requisites of company meetings. Explain ‘proxies’ under the company’s act. Who can be appointed a proxy and what are his/her rights? (10+5+5)

4. Discuss basic principles of business correspondence. List ten commandments for writing a good business letter. (10+10)

5. Write short notes on the following: (4x5)


(a) Practising company secretary

(b) Minutes of a meeting

(c) Office reports

(d) Precis writing