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Ignou Solved Assignment For ACS 01 Application oriented course in Consumber stuidies TMA 2

University  IGNOU
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Short Name or Subject Code ACS 01 Application oriented course in Consumber stuidies TMA 2
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Answer all questions in each category.

Write answers in your own words.

DCQ: Answer in about 500 words each. (2x20=40 Marks)

1. Discuss and define the term ‘Unfair Trade Practice’ alognwith decided case laws on Misleading Advertisement and False Representation.

2. Discuss in detail the remedies available for negligence in ‘Banking Service’.

3. Discuss in detail ‘Institutional Assistance’ available for redressal of Consumer Grievances in India.

4. Discuss in detail various ‘Activities of an Organisation’ dealing with Consumer Problems and issues.


MCQ: Answer in about 250 words each. (4x10=40 Marks)

5. Discuss the Limitations of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and difficulties faced in its implementation.

6. Highlight the difference between ‘Condition’ and ‘Warranty’.

7. Discuss the important provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

8. Discuss in brief the Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies created under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

9. Discuss the strategies of effective ‘Campaign and Advocacy Programmes’.

10. Discuss the meaning of Consumer with the help of decided case laws.


SCQ: Answer in about 50 words each (4x5=20 Marks)

11. Write a note on ‘Duties of Consumers as a Corollary to Consumer Right’.

12. Discuss in brief the important provisions of ‘Sale of Good Act, 1930’.

13. Discuss a case law against Misleading Advertisement.

14. Discuss the manner of taking cognizance of PIL.

15. Discuss in brief the concept and ‘structure of an Organisation’.

16. Discuss in brief the structure and purpose of Consumer International (CI).