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Ignou Solved Assignment For ACS 01 Application oriented course in Consumber stuidies TMA 1

University  IGNOU
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Short Name or Subject Code ACS 01 Application oriented course in Consumber stuidies
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Answer all questions in each category.

Write answers in your own words.


DCQ: Answer in about 500 words each. (2x20=40 Marks)

1. Discuss various dimensions of Consumer Environment.

2. Discuss in detail the Consumer Movement in Europe.

3. Discuss in detail the six Consumer Rights provided under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

4. Discuss in detail the interrelationship between Ecology, Environment and the Consumer.


MCQ: Answer in about 250 words each. (4x10=40 Marks)

5. Who is a Consumer? Discuss the Characteristics of ‘Consumer Buying’.

6. Write a note on ‘Consumer Responsibility’.

7. Write a note on History and Growth of Consumer Movement in India.

8. Write a note on ‘Why the Consumer needs Protection’.

9. Discuss the salient features of ‘Perfect Competition’.

10. Write a note on ‘Social Objectives and Responsibility’.


SCQ: Answer in about 50 words each (4x5=20 Marks)

11. Discuss in brief the role of Consumer in Market Economy.

12. Discuss in brief the factors responsible for attitudinal changes.

13. Write a note on ‘The Consumer Manifesto’.

14. Discus in brief the impact of Mass Media and Advertisement on Consumers.

15. Discuss in brief the ‘Role of Trade and Industry’.

16. Write a note on ‘Consumer Education and Market Regulated Economy’.