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Title Name Computer Networks Solved Assignment for Amity better grades and marks in Delhi Noida Mumbai Faridabad and Ghaziabad India
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course B.C.A
Semester Semester-III Course: B.C.A
Short Name or Subject Code Computer Networks
Commerce line item Type Semester-III Course: B.C.A
Product Assignment of B.C.A Semester-III (AMITY)


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Computer Network


  1. Why do you require a limit on the minimum size of Ethernet frame?


  1. What is Public Key Cryptography? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


  1. Discuss any two popular encryption techniques to ensute secured transactions on the net?


  1. What are the different types of cabling supported by Ethernet standard?


  1. What is a transparent bridge?


  1. What are the principles that were applied to arrive at the seven layers in OSI model?


  1. What factors effects the data rate of a link?


  1. In what way the MAC protocol of FDDI differs from that of token ring?



Case study

Claude is an art student with a particular passion for the surrealistic Catalonian painter Salvador Dali. He decides to set up a Web site dedicated to his favour artist.

As a student he is allowed to create Web pages which will be stored on the university´s Web server which is on the Internet. He is allocated 10 Mb of space for his Web site. He wishes to include on his Web pages - text, images, sound clips and links to other Daliesque sites. He has found the URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) of some other sites about Dali using search engines.

He has found a 3000 word essay on Dali in a Word for Windows file. He intends to use most of this text in his Web pages. He has scanned some of his favourite Dali pictures from postcards and textbooks using a 600dpi (dots per inch)scanner in 256 colours. He has a video recording of the last interview Dali gave before his untimely death from which he wants to include a 5 second sound clip on the site.

After he had created the site he gets some fellow students to browse through his pages using the university intranet. They are impressed with the layout and graphical content of the pages.

However he receives e-mail from his brother at Seawell College complaining about how slow the site is.)

Q.No 1: What is web page?


Q.No 2: What is URL?


What Are the Parts of a URL?

Q.No 3: what is intranet?



Main function of proxy application gateway firewall is

 (A): to allow corporate users to use efficiently all internet services

 (B): to allow intranet users to securely use specified internet services

 (C): to allow corporate users to use all internet services

 (D): to prevent corporate users from using internet services

The following term is not associted with DSL


 (B): CO

 (C): Splitter

 (D): CMTS

In TCP sockets, Data Arrival and Connection Request are -----.

 (A): Messages

 (B): Events

 (C): Signals

 (D): Methods

_____ command is used to manipulate TCP/IP routing table.

 (A): route

 (B): Ipconfig

 (C): Ifconfig

 (D): Traceroute

Which of the following field in IPv4 datagram is not related to fragmentation?

 (A): Flags

 (B): Offset

 (C): TOS

 (D): Identifier

IPv6 doesnot use ______ type of address

 (A): Broadcast

 (B): Multicast

 (C): Anycast

 (D): None of the mentioned

The size of IP address in IPv6 is

 (A): 4bytes

 (B): 128bits

 (C): 8bytes

 (D): 100bits

A DNS client is called

 (A): DNS updater

 (B): DNS resolver

 (C): DNS handler

 (D): none of the mentioned

A firewall may be implemented in

 (A): routers which connect intranet to internet

 (B): bridges used in an intranet

 (C): expensive modem

 (D): user’s application programs

How many differential pairs do 10BaseT UTP interfaces need?

 (A): 6

 (B): 1

 (C): 2

 (D): 4

The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels

 (A): Ppath

 (B): Medium

 (C): Protocol

 (D): Route

What is stat frame delimeter (SFD) in ethernet frame?

 (A): 10101010

 (B): 10101011

 (C): 8 ZEROS

 (D): 11111111

MAC address is of

 (A): 24 bits

 (B): 36 bits

 (C): 42 bits

 (D): 48 bits

WiMAX is mostly used for

 (A): local area network

 (B): metropolitan area network

 (C): personal area network

 (D): none of the mentioned

IEEE 8092.3 covers mostly …..?

 (A): CSMA/CD on Ethernet

 (B): Token-Ring

 (C): Token-Bus

 (D): ATM

In DSL telco provides these services

 (A): Wired phone access

 (B): ISP

 (C): All of the mentioned

 (D): None of the mentioned

Geostationary satellites

 (A): Are placed at a fixed point above the earth

 (B): Rotate the earth about a fixed axis

 (C): Rotate the earth about a varying axis

 (D): All of the mentioned

In computer network nodes are                 

 (A): the computer that originates the data

 (B): the computer that routes the data

 (C): the computer that terminates the data

 (D): all of the mentioned

The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels

 (A): Ppath

 (B): Medium

 (C): Protocol

 (D): Route

The ____ field determines the lifetime of IPv6 datagram

 (A): Hop limit

 (B): TTL

 (C): Next header

 (D): None of the mentioned

Fragmentation has following demerits

 (A): complicates routers

 (B): open to DOS attack

 (C): overlapping of fragments.

 (D): All of the mentioned

The HTTP request message is sent in ____ part of three-way handshake.

 (A): First

 (B): Second

 (C): Third

 (D): None of the mentioned

Ping sweep is a part of

 (A): Traceroute

 (B): Nmap

 (C): Nmap

 (D): Nmap

FTP uses _____ parallel TCP connections to transfer a file

 (A): 1

 (B): 2

 (C): 3

 (D): 4

Expansion of SMTP is

 (A): Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

 (B): Simple Message Transfer Protocol

 (C): Simple Mail Transmission Protoco

 (D): Simple Message Transmission Protocol

Secure shell (SSH) network protocol is used for

 (A): secure data communication

 (B): remote command-line login

 (C): remote command execution

 (D): all of the mentioned

DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) provides _____ to the client.

 (A): IP address

 (B): MAC address

 (C): url

 (D): none of the mentioned

Transport layer is implemented in

 (A): End system

 (B): NIC

 (C): Ethernet

 (D): None of the mentioned

Sniffers can be deployed in

 (A): Wired environment

 (B): WiFi

 (C): Ethernet LAN

 (D): All of the mentioned

Transmission delay does not depend on

 (A): Packet length

 (B): Distance between the routers

 (C): Transmission rate

 (D): None of the mentioned

Network layer firewall works as a

 (A): frame filter

 (B): packet filter

 (C): both (1) and (2)

 (D): none of the mentioned

Which one of the following protocol is not used in internet?

 (A): HTTP

 (B): DHCP

 (C): DNS

 (D): none of the mentioned

The photonic layer of the SONET is similar to the _____ of OSI model

 (A): network layer

 (B): data link layer

 (C): physical layer

 (D): none of the mentioned

Most packet switches use this principle

 (A): Stop and wait

 (B): Store and forward

 (C): Both of the mentioned

 (D): None of the mentioned

Data communication system within a building or campus is

 (A): LAN

 (B): WAN

 (C): MAN

 (D): None of the mentioned

Which multiplexing technique transmits digital signals ?

 (A): FDM

 (B): TDM

 (C): WDM

 (D): None of the mentioned

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is fundamentally a....... technology? -

 (A): Circuit switching

 (B): Packet switching

 (C): Narrow band

 (D): None of these

Why was the OSI developed?

 (A): Manufacturers disliked the TCP/IP protocol

 (B): The rate of data transfer was increasing exponentially

 (C): Standards were needed to allow any two systems to communicate

 (D): None of these

Which one of the following network uses dynamic or adaptive routing?



 (C): SNA (IBM´s System Network Architechture)

 (D): None of these

Which of the following is a wrong example of network layer?

 (A): Internet Protocol (IP) - ARPANET

 (B): X.25 Packet Level Protocol (PLP)-ISO

 (C): Source routing and domain naming-USENet

 (D): X.25 level 2-ISO


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