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Title Name Amity Solved Assignment for Merchandising Management MBA Assignment 2
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course MBA
Semester Semester-III-RETAIL Course: MBA
Session 2016-2017
Short Name or Subject Code Merchandising Management
Commerce line item Type Semester-III-RETAIL Course: MBA
Product Assignment of MBA Semester-III-RETAIL (AMITY)


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                                                                                     Merchandising Management

 Assignment  A

  1. Merchandising is a Tool to enhance sales comment.
  2. Discuss display fixtures with respect to women apparels and men’s apparels.

    4. Discuss different type of material to be used for different types of category of stores.

    5. How is a planogram is implemented?






 Assignment  B

Case Detail: 


The client Imposes’ client is a leading high street jewellery chain in the UK. The client has more than 500 stores across the country and employs over 3,000 staff nationwide. The challenge at store level, the retailer wanted to capitalise on training investment and highlight to staff the impact of their actions on conversion rates and bottom line sales figures; and at Head Office level, to identify stores which were performing well and those which required help, so that resources could be distributed more effectively. The challenge for the retailer was to identify how shopper behaviour and staff communication related to sales conversions in-store, and to use the patterns revealed to make changes and increase business performance, either through staff training or improved resourcing.

 Question  B

  1. Discussed organization in case deals in which category
  2. Retailers are worried about distribution network, suggest them your expertise
  3. Retailer Wish’s to provide training in which specific area






Assignment  C

Question No.  1          Marks - 10

Our Old Traditionla barter system is         


  1. A system of trade that involves an exchange of goods and services for money
  2. A system of exchange of money for goods and services
  3. A system of trade that involves an exchange of goods and services of others
  4. All of the above



Question No.  2          Marks - 10

A Concept called “Niche ” means   


  1. Selling products that are non-specific
  2. Targeting a wide-variety of people
  3. Personalized products targeting narrow groups of people
  4. None of the above



Question No.  3          Marks - 10

Media coverage that is not paid for and has a mass audience and a high level of credibility   


  1. Publicity
  2. Promotion
  3. Poster
  4. catelouge



Question No.  4          Marks - 10

“Demographics” refers to   


  1. Money consumers are willing to spend
  2. Numerical facts about a population
  3. Numerical facts about sales
  4. None of the above



Question No.  5          Marks - 10

The process involved in moving the product from the producer to the consumer is referred to as:    


  1. Stream of Products
  2. Channels of Distribution
  3. Flow of Goods
  4. All of the above



Question No.  6          Marks - 10

 The group of people who create the original product before it is shipped to the stores is called the: 


  1. Consumer
  2. Designer
  3. Producer
  4. All of the above



Question No.  7          Marks - 10

SWOT ------------ strengths, weatness, opportunities and -----------------------        


  1. Threat
  2. Taste
  3. Trend
  4. Trade




Question No.  8          Marks - 10

stores that sell manufactures aversuns directly to the customer  


  1. Factory outlet
  2. Superstore
  3. Retail outlet
  4. Department



Question No.  9          Marks - 10

An industry buzz word signifying electronic retailing      


  1. E Tailing
  2. B – tailing
  3. C - Tailing
  4. Catalog



Question No.  10        Marks - 10

Visual presentation of merchandise -------  


  1. Display
  2. On-line discounters
  3. Show
  4. Event



Question No.  11        Marks - 10

Income left after the basic necessities have been paid for


  1. Disparable income
  2. Discretionary income
  3. Personal income
  4. Sales income



Question No.  12        Marks - 10

Report and ideas available by subscription to manufactures and retailers predictives----------


  1. Reports
  2. Design services
  3. Publications
  4. New reports



Question No.  13        Marks - 10

Any resource from which a designer obtains ideas           


  1. Design resource
  2. Ethnic level
  3. Research
  4. Evaluation of collection



Question No.  14        Marks - 10

Expand CIM


  1. Company Integrated Manufacturing
  2. Computer integrated manufacturing
  3. Computerised industry machine
  4. Computer integrated mechanism



Question No.  15        Marks - 10

is the difference in value between a country’s exports and emports       


  1. Duties
  2. Balance of trade
  3. Tariff
  4. Quota allocation



Question No.  16        Marks - 10

Reference groups refer to…


  1. One person that influences consumers
  2. A group of people that influences consumers to buy
  3. A company that references
  4. A and B



Question No.  17        Marks - 10

 A human’s perception is….


  1. The way a person discusses a situation
  2. The way a person looks at perplexing problems
  3. The way a person views the world
  4. A and B



Question No.  18        Marks - 10

 When individuals respond selectively to marketing messages in their environment this is called        


  1. Broad selection
  2. Attitudes and views
  3. Selective perception
  4. All of the above



Question No.  19        Marks - 10

Wholesaling does not include which of the following services     


  1. Market research
  2. Selling
  3. Promotion
  4. Distribution



Question No.  20        Marks - 10

 The group of customers to whom the company directs its marketing program towards is called       


  1. Test market
  2. Target market
  3. Retailers market
  4. Marketable people



Question No.  21        Marks - 10

Which of the following is not involved in the consumer buying process 


  1. Problem recognition
  2. Making the purchase
  3. Distribution
  4. Information search



Question No.  22        Marks - 10

Apparels  would be considered       


  1. Convenience goods
  2. Specialty goods
  3. Shopping goods
  4. None of the above




Question No.  23        Marks - 10

 Rose Scent would be classified as  


  1. Specialty goods
  2. Shopping goods
  3. Convenience goods
  4. None of the above



Question No.  24        Marks - 10

A package of bubblegum would be classified as   


  1. Shopping goods
  2. Convenience goods
  3. Specialty goods
  4. None of the above



Question No.  25        Marks - 10

Popular Name of Product should be which of the following       


  1. Brief
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Catchy
  4. All of the above



Question No.  26        Marks - 10

 When Consumer carry highest highest level of brand loyalty    


  1. Brand preference
  2. Brand recognition
  3. Brand insistence
  4. A and b



Question No.  27        Marks - 10

Which is the lowest form of brand loyalty 


  1. Brand preference
  2. Brand recognition
  3. Brand insistence
  4. C and d



Question No.  28        Marks - 10

An Old Model of TV would be in which stage of the product life cycle.


  1. Maturity
  2. Growth
  3. Introduction
  4. Decline



Question No.  29        Marks - 10

The LCD Latest Version TV would be in which stage of the product life cycle.           


  1. Introduction
  2. Growth
  3. Maturity
  4. Decline



Question No.  30        Marks - 10

Merchadises are Distributed Thru 


  1. Paths of distribution
  2. Ways of buying goods
  3. The paths products take from wholesaler to consumer
  4. A and D



Question No.  31        Marks - 10

Channel Partners are also known as          


  1. Distribution channels
  2. Retailers
  3. Consumers
  4. Middlemen



Question No.  32        Marks - 10

When a retailer follow a Normal Channel of Distribution           


  1. New type of channel
  2. A retro channel
  3. traditional channel
  4. Normal Channel




Question No.  33        Marks - 10

Display in Store are for       


  1. Catch a customer’s attention
  2. Encourage customer’s to brows and examine merchandise
  3. Allow employees quick visual control of merchandise
  4. All of the above



Question No.  34        Marks - 10

Display in Store are useually           


  1. Interior and exterior
  2. Open and closed
  3. Open and interior
  4. Closed and exterior



Question No.  35        Marks - 10

 “Visual merchandising” means      


  1. A desire that can be satisfied after basic needs are met
  2. An effective display of goods that appeals to the customer’s senses, primarily sight
  3. A term referring to all the business activities involved in buying, selling, and controlling so goods and services can be transferred to the ultimate consumer
  4. A person who recommends another person to a potential employer



Question No.  36        Marks - 10

Dumb style of Stocking is    


  1. A large board, usually outdoors, on which advertisements are placed
  2. A display of odds and ends, clearance, or low-priced goods for sale piled into baskets or bins
  3. A display of goods for sale on a wall ledge, escalator housing, ceiling support pillar, or otherwise wasted space, often used for seasonal displays
  4. None of the above



Question No.  37        Marks - 10

An architectural display is   


  1. Strictly for architects
  2. A display that has been specifically constructed to suit a particular display need.
  3. Ideal for presenting major items related to the home
  4. Both b and c




Question No.  38        Marks - 10

 Two examples of exterior displays are      


  1. Storefront sign and gondola shelving
  2. Table displays and dump displays
  3. Display windows and sidewalk displays
  4. None of these



Question No.  39        Marks - 10

Principally Dispays are        


  1. Create simple and effective displays
  2. Design from the customer’s point of view
  3. Maintain displays
  4. All of the above



Question No.  40        Marks - 10

Displays are Planned and Worked- How? 


  1. Plan your work, work your plan
  2. Work your plan, plan your work
  3. Sometimes a plan is not necessary
  4. None of the above

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