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Title Name Amity Solved Assignment BBA Retail Management for Mall Management 
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course BBA-(Retail-Management)
Semester Semester-VI Course: BBA-(Retail-Management)
Short Name or Subject Code Mall Management 
Commerce line item Type Semester-VI Course: BBA-(Retail-Management)
Product Assignment of BBA-(Retail-Management) Semester-VI (AMITY)


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                                                                                                      Mall Management 

Assignment A

1.Location is a critical factor in the success of a retail Store comment    

2.Discuss Franchises mode of Retail Distribution.

3.Retail store are now a days operates on same steps discuss.     

4.How timings are important in the sucesess of Convenience Store.

5.Discuss various stages involve in mall Design.

6.Give Characterstics of Good Mall Design.   

7.What is Healthy Tenant Mix.       

8.What prerequisites for Lease Agreement.






Assignment B 

Case Detail:

This case study focuses on how Dixons Group plc has built on the power of its existing brands and created new brands to strengthen its market position.

If some of the largest and most successful retailing organisations of twenty years ago were to be compared with those of today, the results would be surprising. They would reveal numerous examples of success, failure or transition over this short time period. Theory shows that organisations go through periods of evolution followed by revolution. The retailing industry is about to embark upon the most radical process of the use of technology in the retailing environment has created a massive change in expectations about how customers expect to shop in the future. Organisations which adapt to this different focus are going to be the ones that have an influence in the future. Change within its recent history. Organisations that do not prepare for this process - and this may include many famous high street names - may not be around for much longer. Dixons Group specialises in the sale of high technology consumer electronics such as domestic appliances, personal computers, photographic equipment, communications products and related financial and after sales service.



1.Technology in the retailing environment has created a massive Change discuss

2.Failure over short time period is a temporary Phenomenon how retailers gets success in long term  

3.Dixons Group specialises in the sale of what category of products





Assignment C

Question No.  1          Marks - 10

Selling, renting, and providing goods consumers for household use are


  1. wholesaling
  2. retailing
  3. facilitating
  4. logistics



Question No.  2          Marks - 10

Utilities offered to consumers are   


  1. convenience, performance, possession, and form
  2. time, place, possession, and form
  3. Product, price, place, and promotion.
  4. convenience, consistency, competition, and choice



Question No.  3          Marks - 10

Major retail categories in India are


  1. automotive, food stores, and clothing
  2. floral, food stores, and furniture
  3. jewellery, furniture, and clothing
  4. appliance, food stores, and furniture



Question No.  4          Marks - 10

Contractual Retail, Independent store, corporate chains, are examples of outlets classified by           


  1. level of service
  2. form of ownership
  3. method of operation
  4. revenue generated



Question No.  5          Marks - 10

Common ownership with many stores are --- form of ownership?         


  1. corporate chain
  2. consumer cooperative
  3. administered system
  4. Contractual system.




Question No.  6          Marks - 10

Consumer perform high level of functions,           


  1. Exclusive service
  2. Self-service
  3. Limited service
  4. Full service



Question No.  7          Marks - 10

Department stores typically provide services as?  


  1. Exclusive service
  2. Minimal service
  3. Self-service
  4. Full service



Question No.  8          Marks - 10

Direct mail, telemarketing, and in-home shopping


  1. Dual channel marketing
  2. Scrambled merchandising
  3. Multi-service merchandising
  4. Non-store retailing



Question No.  9          Marks - 10

When Top management reserve right of decision 


  1. Owner-manager system
  2. Professional manager system
  3. Centralized structure
  4. Decentralized structure



Question No.  10        Marks - 10

Owners are fully Involve in...          


  1. Butcher shop
  2. Motel
  3. Coin-operated laundromat
  4. Movie theatre



Question No.  11        Marks - 10

Information Technology does not involve in SCM when..           


  1. Performance measurement and reporting
  2. Supply chain restructuring
  3. Collaboration and coordination
  4. Decision support for supply chain planning



Question No.  12        Marks - 10

Overall strategy is     


  1. Growth
  2. Stability
  3. Market share
  4. Return on investment



Question No.  13        Marks - 10

New types of retail locations


  1. Drive-thru windows and kiosks
  2. Carts, kiosks, and wall units
  3. Carts, booth and drive-thru windows
  4. Retail counter, kiosks, and booths



Question No.  14        Marks - 10

NOT a commonly used method of classifying retail outlets?        


  1. revenue generated
  2. merchandise line
  3. form of ownership
  4. level of service



Question No.  15        Marks - 10

Construction Material Supplier, and Catelouge Store provide level of retail service?  


  1. full-service
  2. limited service
  3. self-service
  4. customized service



Question No.  16        Marks - 10

Nonstore retailing has maximum People involvement?    


  1. automatic vending
  2. telemarketing
  3. direct selling
  4. online retailing



Question No.  17        Marks - 10

Store location, distribution centres, warehousing, and transportation are all part of _____


  1. physical distribution
  2. logistics
  3. services
  4. communications



Question No.  18        Marks - 10

Off-price retailing is also being done as?   


  1. single price retailers
  2. value-retail centres
  3. factory outlet stores
  4. all of the above



Question No.  19        Marks - 10

Entrepreneurs becomes their own boss in retailing when?          


  1. franchise
  2. corporate chain
  3. corporate proprietorship
  4. independent retailer



Question No.  20        Marks - 10

Store need to have information for serving customers on


  1. Past data on customer demand.
  2. supply lead time.
  3. delivery and shipping locations.
  4. store inventory level, customer demand data & supply lead time



Question No.  21        Marks - 10

Store which only carries limited product line is classified as        


  1. Specialty stores
  2. department store
  3. discount store
  4. super store



Question No.  22        Marks - 10

Dominoz, Pizza Hut, KFC are examples of           


  1. Corporate chain
  2. voluntary chain
  3. retailer cooperative
  4. franchise



Question No.  23        Marks - 10

When Seller engaged in Cash n Carry activity     


  1. Retailer
  2. franchise cooperative
  3. conglomerate
  4. wholesaler



Question No.  24        Marks - 10

Wholesaler does not involve in        


  1. Production
  2. selling and promotion
  3. buying and assortment building
  4. bulk breaking




Question No.  25        Marks - 10

Consumer -retailer- wholesaler – producer is a…


  1. New type of channel
  2. A retro channel
  3. A traditional channel
  4. Normal Channel



Question No.  26        Marks - 10

Retailer changes the format to fullfillrequirment of         


  1. Wholesalers
  2. Producers
  3. Consumers
  4. Tax payers



Question No.  27        Marks - 10

Hypermarket operations are           


  1. Easy
  2. Moderate
  3. Complex
  4. None of these



Question No.  28        Marks - 10

Independent retailer runs his business with          


  1. Partners
  2. Professionals
  3. Few locals/ family members
  4. None



Question No.  29        Marks - 10

Corporate retail chain opertes as    


  1. Franchise
  2. Chain retailer
  3. Independent retailer
  4. None



Question No.  30        Marks - 10

Specialty stores operates with         


  1. Producers
  2. Competitors
  3. Target market
  4. Both (a) and (b)



Question No.  31        Marks - 10

When a Departmental Store tagets multiple Audience     


  1. Multiple segmentation
  2. Market segmentation
  3. Mass marketing
  4. Target marketing



Question No.  32        Marks - 10

During ressesion Sale for-- will be least effective  


  1. Nike Sports
  2. Sony TV
  3. Travel & Tour
  4. Baked Beans



Question No.  33        Marks - 10

Retailers are most interst in----of consumers         


  1. Consumer Credit
  2. Wealth
  3. Disposable Income
  4. High Income



Question No.  34        Marks - 10

Money left after Tax, puchasing Basic Nedds is   


  1. Disposable income
  2. Credit
  3. accounting income
  4. Discretionatry Income



Question No.  35        Marks - 10

Few retailers have ---competition    


  1. Oligopoly
  2. Monopoly
  3. Mixed Competition
  4. Perfect Competition



Question No.  36        Marks - 10

Retailers agree to buy from each other      


  1. loyal purchase
  2. stright rebuy
  3. modified rebuy
  4. reciprocity agreement



Question No.  37        Marks - 10

Merchandise in stores are    


  1. a physical object
  2. service
  3. every thing a recieves in an exchange
  4. None



Question No.  38        Marks - 10

Retail brand is an element of          


  1. core product
  2. actual product
  3. augmented product
  4. expected product



Question No.  39        Marks - 10

Multi Brand produts of same category are


  1. Product mix width
  2. product mix consistency
  3. product mix depth
  4. Market item width



Question No.  40        Marks - 10

Product mix Width measured by    


  1. dimention in product line
  2. eatures in each brand
  3. items in product line
  4. lines a company offers


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