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Title Name Amity Solved Assignment BA JMC 1st Sem for Electronic Communication
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Semester Semester-I Course: BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Short Name or Subject Code Electronic Communication
Commerce line item Type Semester-I Course: BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Product Assignment of BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication) Semester-I (AMITY)


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                                                                                Electronic Communication

Q1). Discuss the characteristics of radio as a medium of Mass Communication

Q2). What are the different types of radio formats? Explain with examples.

Q3). How should one prepare for:  

a) News bulletin

b) Interview

c) Feature

d) Play 

Q4). What is AM and FM transmission of radio?

Q5). Explain the growth of TV industry after the entry of cable TV and private channels.

Q6). What are the various reporting skills required for Television? Discuss in detail about

(i.) on the spot reporting

(ii.) On the spot interviewing

(iii.) Incident free reporting.

Q7). What steps are to be taken for script writing for Television? How do you integrate visuals with conceptualization or abstract imagination?

Q8). Please delineate the characteristics of body language and communication skills required for one to be selected for the job a Radio jockey.



Case Study 

Q1). Private radio stations broadcast youth centric programs in large percentage, explain it in detail.

Q2). What role advertisers play in private radio stations? Explain in detail.

Q3).What is the importance of music and musical programs in radio?




Assignment  C

Question No. 1

What is the frequency of sound waves?


  1. a) Parameter
  2. b) Subunit
  3. c) Degree
  4. d) Unit



Question No. 2

Where was the India’s first TV Station started?


  1. a) Mumbai
  2. b) Chennai
  3. c) New Delhi
  4. d) None of these



Question No. 3

What is sound?


  1. a) Vibration that travel through the air
  2. b) Sound is a song
  3. c) Sound exist in air
  4. d) It is a natural phenomenon



Question No. 4

What is the wavelength of a sound wave?


  1. a) This is a type of sea wave
  2. b) It is total length of a wave
  3. c) This is the distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next
  4. d) None of above



Question No. 5

What is radio magazine?


  1. a) It is a radio program format
  2. b) It is developed on Internet radio
  3. c) A magazine published by radio station
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 6

What is radio drama?


  1. a) Stage drama performed by radio artists
  2. b) It is a dramatized format broadcast on radio
  3. c) Drama based on radio programs
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 7

What is radio jingle?


  1. a) It is a type of music
  2. b) It is type of radio program
  3. c) Ringing of bells
  4. d) Jingle is a short tune used in radio advertising



Question No. 8

What is radio feature


  1. a) Program showcasing feature reports and discussions on any number of subjects
  2. b) It is a form of radio news
  3. c) It is music program for radio
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 9

What is radio documentary?


  1. a) A documentary film broadcast on radio
  2. b) Documentary of a program
  3. c) A radio documentary is a purely acoustic performance to cover a particular topic with a mixture of commentary and sound pictures.
  4. d) It is a kind of radio magazine



Question No. 10

What is radio news?


  1. a) Written for radio
  2. b) Newspaper news read on radio
  3. c) Is transmitted through medium of radio
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 11

What is community radio?


  1. a) Community people present programs on radio
  2. b) Interview with community people on a specific issues
  3. c) All of above
  4. d) It is a third model of radio broadcasting apart from public and private broadcasting; it focuses on particular geographical areas and covers communities



Question No. 12

What is commercial radio?


  1. a) Broadcasting for commercial purposes
  2. b) Money involved in radio production
  3. c) It is a kind of business
  4. d) It is a kind of business



Question No. 13

What is radio formatting?


  1. a) It is a form of radio
  2. b) Radio formatting is a way for radio stations to program and broadcast material in order to reach a particular listening public
  3. c) It is a log sheet for radio
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 14

What is broadcasting?


  1. a) Broadcasting means Akashwani
  2. b) Presentation of program at broad level
  3. c) It is kind of electronic communication
  4. d) Creation of audio video program and broadcasting those programs for masses through radio, Television and Digital media



Question No. 15

What are the social aspects of television?


  1. a) It makes people aware
  2. b) People come to know about lot of products
  3. c) It affects society
  4. d) It spoils the children



Question No. 16

What is consumerism in television?


  1. a) Television promote people towards consumerism
  2. b) It forces people to spend more
  3. c) It motivates people to earn more
  4. d) A capitalist approach



Question No. 17

What is broadcast programming/ scheduling?


  1. a) Making a schedule
  2. b) Organizing radio and TV program on daily basis
  3. c) Making a log sheet for programs
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 18

Radio broadcasting in India started in--


  1. a) 1825
  2. b) 1770
  3. c) 1947
  4. d) 1923



Question No. 19

An audience is a group of people--


  1. a) Who lives in a community
  2. b) Who goes together for shopping
  3. c) Who are receiving or have received a particular mass communication message
  4. d) Who have common interests



Question No. 20

What is the full form of BBC?


  1. a) Bombay Broadcasting Cooperation
  2. b) Broadband Broadcasting Cooperation
  3. c) British Broadcasting Cooperation
  4. d) None of above



Question No. 21

Doordarshan was started in India in the year of--


  1. a) 1959
  2. b) 2008
  3. c) 1986
  4. d) 1967



Question No. 22

Doordarshan was started in India in the year of--


  1. a) 1959
  2. b) 2008
  3. c) 1986
  4. d) 1967



Question No. 23

Prasar Bharati was established in the year of


  1. a) 1977
  2. b) 1958
  3. c) 1976
  4. d) 2001



Question No. 24

Radio club of Calcutta was the first amateur radio club to start functioning in India.


  1. a) October 2003
  2. b) November 1923
  3. c) January 1862
  4. d) August 1947



Question No. 25

Commercial Broadcasting Service (Vividh Bharati) of All India Radio started working in--


  1. a) 1957
  2. b) 1982
  3. c) 1974
  4. d) 1962



Question No. 26

The News producer is the person --


  1. a) Who produces news
  2. b) Who report story from zero ground
  3. c) Who is most directly in charge of the newscast
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 27

What are the major production elements –


  1. a) Camera and Microphone
  2. b) Camera/Audio/Lighting/Switcher/Videotape/Recorder/Editing
  3. c) Anchor and Microphone
  4. d) Video Recorder



Question No. 28

What is EFP--


  1. a) Electronic Field Production
  2. b) Electronic feeding projector
  3. c) Electronic film production
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 29

What is studio talkback--


  1. a) Discussion which goes on back office section
  2. b) Off the camera sound
  3. c) A conversation between the two
  4. d) A public address loudspeaker system from the control room to the studio



Question No. 30

Segment producers are in charge of--


  1. a) Making stories in different segments
  2. b) Specific stories or newscast segment
  3. c) Segmentation of stories
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 31

What is preview monitor?


  1. a) A color monitor that shows the director the picture to be used for the next shot
  2. b) TV screen
  3. c) Screen for Projector
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 32

What is log?


  1. a) The major operational document
  2. b) Log sheet
  3. c) Documentation
  4. d) A record of activities



Question No. 33

What is decoding?


  1. a) Decoding the message
  2. b) The reconstruction of a video or audio signal from a digital code
  3. c) Understanding the complex message of a story
  4. d) Deciphering



Question No. 34

What is package?


  1. a) Mix of two three videos
  2. b) Mix of audio/video and animation
  3. c) A self-contained taped report put together by a reporter or anchor
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 35

What is SOT (Sound on tape)?


  1. a) A 10-20 seconds interview segment with a person connected to the story
  2. b) Sound which is recorded on tape
  3. c) Stored sound on tape
  4. d) Sound of television



Question No. 36

What is live story?


  1. a) Latest story
  2. b) A lively coverage of a story
  3. c) Reporter goes live from scene or a camera is set up to show events as they are happening
  4. d) A live converge



Question No. 37

What is kicker?


  1. a) A logo
  2. b) A video piece used as an filler
  3. c) An editing that finishes a story or bulletin with a climax, surprise or punch line
  4. d) All of above



Question No. 38

What is follow up story?


  1. a) A regular story
  2. b) An old story
  3. c) Comments after the main event
  4. d) A story, which is written to report new or more detailed information on a story, which has already been broadcasted



Question No. 39

What is ambiance?


  1. a) The interior
  2. b) The background sound or ambiance sound
  3. c) The background scene
  4. d) An Atmosphere around the event



Question No. 40

What is AP


  1. a) Andhra Pradesh
  2. b) Assistant Producer
  3. c) Associate Press
  4. d) All of above

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