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Title Name Amity Solve Assignment Journalism and Mass Communication for Advertising
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Semester Semester-I Course: BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Short Name or Subject Code Advertising
Commerce line item Type Semester-I Course: BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication)
Product Assignment of BA-(Journalism-and-Mass-Communication) Semester-I (AMITY)


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Assignment A

  1. What is advertising? Give definition & concepts of Advertisement?
  2. Some feel advertising manipulates the mind, while others are of the view that advertising seeks to persuade. What interpretation is closer to your understanding of advertising & why?
  3. What is advertising campaign? Explain it in detail.
  4. What are the functions of different departments of advertising agency? Explain in detail.
  5. What is the relation between marketing and advertising agency? Write about different types of market.
  6. What is the difference between media planning and media buying? Briefly describe the various tasks of media planners and buyers
  7. What criteria can be used to help a company decide between an in-house advertising group and hiring an external advertising agency?
  8. What is puffery? Should a company use a great deal of puffery in its ads? Why or why not?









Assignment B

Case Detail:  

Case Study

Media buying agencies purchase advertising time, space from media providers, and resell it to advertisers. They can also be involved in planning individual campaigns and monitoring the results of advertising placements against agreed measures such as target audience reach. Large advertisers may bypass this industry by using in-house media buying teams and dealing directly with media representatives.

Media Buyers are individuals responsible for purchasing time and advertising space for the purpose of advertising here When planning what to buy, they must evaluate factors based on but not limited to station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics relating to the advertisers particular product or service objectives. The Media Buyer needs to optimize what is bought and that is dependent on budget, type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print), quality of the medium (target audience, time of day for broadcast, etc.), and how much time and space is wanted. Media Buyers can purchase spot, regionally, or nationally. National Media Buyers might have to factor in determinates based on a state by state basis. Rates, demand of leads, space, and time, and state licenses will vary from state to state.


  1. What is media buying? Explain roles and responsbilities of media buying agencies.
  2. What are the strategies to buy media time?
  3. What is media planning? Explain








    Assignment C

1.What is target market in advertising?     


  1. It is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts
  2. Specific markets in the city
  3. Markets where one can put hoardings
  4. Markets that is likely to give sales



2.What are the pitfalls of advertising?       


  1. Mistakes in the advertising
  2. Wrong message, which goes though advertisements
  3. Wasting of media efforts
  4. Constant quest to reach to the audiences



3.How Internet is affecting the business of advertising?  


  1. Positively
  2. Positively and negatively
  3. Negatively
  4. To a great extent



4.What is buying process in advertising?   


  1. Percentage of buying any product  
  2. Customers buying choices
  3. The steps a client organization or a buyer takes in making a purchase for a product or service.
  4. All of above



5.What is personal selling in advertising?  


  1. When executive sell a product personally
  2. Face to face selling in which a seller attempts to persuade a buyer to make a purchase
  3. When employees purchase the product
  4. Sales process between buyer & seller



6.What is frequency and intensity of advertising?


  1. Frequency of advertising coming on TV
  2. How intensely advertisement comes on TV
  3. The  measure of strength of a campaign
  4. Market response to a brand



7.What are the advantages of effective strategies in advertising?


  1. Strategies are not important in advertising
  2. It increases popularity of the product
  3. It helps in sell and branding of the product
  4. It helps in setting priorities



8.What is rational appeal in advertising?   


  1. It increases the rationality
  2. More emphasis is given on facts
  3. It enhances rational thinking
  4. Rational & factual



9.What is fear appeal in advertising?         


  1. Advertisements, which creates anxiety through fear
  2. Use of fear
  3. It is negative publicity
  4. Creates suspicion



10.How fear appeal sometimes negatively affects the products sell?       


  1. Its due to fear
  2. Fear creates negativity
  3. It creates uneasiness
  4. Anxiety creates negative feelings



11.What is outdoor advertising?     


  1. Outdoors shooting
  2. Any advertising done outdoor
  3. Advertisements for outdoors products
  4. In full public glare



12.What are the main elements of outdoor advertising?  


  1. Newspaper
  2. Magazine
  3. Billboard
  4. Posters



13.What is emotional appeal in advertising?         


  1. Emotionally talking with consumers
  2. Emotions are important while shooting an ad
  3. That connects the reader psychologically
  4. Consumers motive for purchase decisions are emotional



14.What are the advantages of television advertising?     


  1. It reaches to the masses
  2. Advertisements look more colorful
  3. It increases the fancy of advertisements
  4. All of above



15.What are the disadvantages of Internet advertising?  


  1. Internet is not available all over
  2. Ignorance by Users/high price/consumers dislikes
  3. Internet gets disconnected
  4. It reaches only to tech savvy population



16.What role smart phones are playing in advertising and selling of products?


  1. Advertisements on phone are good
  2. It helps in purchasing decision
  3. User can search online
  4. Not in every ones reach



17.What role print media plays in advertising?     


  1. It helps in - awareness generation/profit making/ brand establishment/ increasing demand
  2. Readers can keep advertisement for long time
  3. Colorful pictures help in getting customers attention
  4. Reader can access at any time and any number of times



18.Advertising is a form of communication--        


  1. To inform people
  2. To make them aware
  3. Connects buyer and seller
  4. To create brand image and build brand name



19.What is campaign?          


  1. It is related to community development
  2. Meeting with people
  3. It is a marketing program
  4. A systematic outreach program



20.What is billboard?           


  1. A sports
  2. A large outdoor board for displaying advertisement
  3. A company name
  4. None of above



21.What is a classified ad?   


  1. Special ad
  2. Ad for a particular brand
  3. Specific advertising section targeted at few
  4. A form of short advertising, common in newspaper and online



22.What is client?     


  1. Group of people
  2. Purchaser
  3. Consumer
  4. A person who uses the professional services of others



23.What is covert advertising?        


  1. Hidden advertisement
  2. The act of embedding a brand or product in entertainment and media  
  3. 3D advertisement
  4. That  having hidden intent



24.What is surrogating advertising?           


  1. Advertisement which can show in shopping malls
  2. It is used to promote branded products
  3. Advertisement for foreign products
  4. That cleverly conceals the actual product under the campaign trail



25.What is celebrity advertising?    


  1. Using famous persons image to sell product or services by focusing his/her money, popularity and fame
  2. Inviting celebrity for the inauguration of the brand
  3. Selling products to celebrity
  4. All  of above



26.What is corporate advertising?  


  1. Corporate advertising is a promotional strategy that is designed to not only interest consumers in products and services offered by the company but also in the brand.
  2. Advertisement made by corporate
  3. Advertisement on corporate
  4. Brand promotion



27.What is financial advertising?    


  1. Is the practice of advertising to the investors, loan, banking and mortgage consumers?
  2. It is advertising for getting more finance
  3. It is more finance involved in advertising
  4. Attracting finances from investors



28.What is public service advertising?       


  1. For the service of public
  2. Advertisements created by people
  3. Advertisements to inform/aware people about important issues
  4. None of above



29.What is fact sheet?          


  1. Sheet which provides facts
  2. Sheet which presents data emphasizing key points
  3. Sheet used for verification of data
  4. All of above 



30.What is filler?      


  1. Type of file
  2. Type of data sheet
  3. Advertisement used to fill the space
  4. Superfluous piece of advertising



  1. What is jingle?


  1. Form of advertisement
  2. Kind of song
  3. Piece of music
  4. A jingle is a short tune used in advertising and for other commercial use



  1. What is lineage?


  1. Total number of lines in a classified advertisement used in its costing
  2. Term used in advertising
  3. Product stock
  4. Extent of an advertising section



33.What is live tag?  


  1. Product tag
  2. Product identity
  3. All of above
  4. Voice over in the advertisement, which provides local information and address



34.What is logo?       


  1. Advertisement of a product or company
  2. A visual identity of the company
  3. Type of advertisement
  4. A crest



35.What is market research?          


  1. Search the market for product sell
  2. Search of market names
  3. A collective process of market exploration
  4. Getting information about consumers needs and preferences



36.What is media panning   


  1. To find media platforms for client’s product
  2. Day-to-day plan
  3. Annual plan
  4. A process of selecting different media platforms



37.What is pitching?


  1. Set of activities intended to persuade someone to buy a product or take a specific course of action
  2. Scale for research
  3. Marketing terminology
  4. All of above



38.What is press kit?


  1. Kits available in newspaper offices
  2. Pre-packaged set of promotional set
  3. Advertisements
  4. Bouquet of media platforms



39.What is publicity?


  1. Fake news
  2. Paid news
  3. Notice given to any particular news by the media
  4. None of above



40.Reminder advertisements are especially effective for products in which stage of the product life cycle?           


  1. Introduction
  2. Growth
  3. Maturity
  4. Decline


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