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Title Name Amity Solved Assignment BSC It 1st Sem for PC Packages
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Product Assignment of B.Sc-(IT) Semester-I (AMITY)


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                                                                                                                 Amity B.SC IT 1 Sem Solve Assignment For PC Packages

Assignment A

1 .        What is Graphical User Interface? Discuss the use of status bar, title bar and menu bar in detail? 

2 .        What is a mail merge? Discuss mail merge concepts with a suitable example. 

3 .        Explain the following operations with an example. (a) Copy a text and place in another position

(b) Create table with 5 rows and 3 columns

(c) Adding a page numbers in the center of the page

(d) Set the margins. 

4 .        (a) What is worksheet? How does it differ from spreadsheet? What are the data types placed in a cell? Explain.

(b) Discuss the facilities available to format the data in the cell with an example. 

5 .        (a)What is a chart? Discuss step by step to create various types of chart using the given set of data.

(b) Discuss various operations in MS - ACESS with an example.

(a) Delete a field

(b) Insert a record

(c) Sorting the records

 (d) Creating and printing reports 




Assignment B 

Case Detail: 


1. (a) List the benefits for PowerPoint facility in MS-OFFICE (b) Give a suitable operational sequence to do the following :

(i) Insert a picture in the slide

(ii) Add an excel sheet

(iii) Add date and time in all the slides.  


2. Write short notes on:

(a) Find and replace a text in Word

(b) Functions in Excel

(c) Creating table with constraints

(d) Format the slides in PowerPoint.  


3. a) Explain the uses of finding files/folders option and run command.

b) What are the steps involved in indenting, paging and changing margins in word document?

c) How will you perform a spell check and auto text in word?

d) State the procedure for using chart wizard. How would you choose the appropriate chart?

e) How to change the ‘column width’ and use ‘paste’ function in Excel?

f) Explain creating and using Auto forms in Access.

g) State the steps for creation and sizing of an organizational chart in PowerPoint?

h) Explain the Calendar views available in MS outlook.

i)What are the functions and uses of title bar, status bar, menu bar and tool bars in Windows?

j) Explain the steps involved in inserting, moving and resizing of pictures and their printing.

k) What are the uses of formula function? Explain with examples the uses of “sum” function in Excel.

l) Discuss the creation, entering and editing a ‘Table’ in Access.  




Assignment C

 Question No.  1           Marks - 10

What is the best way to find out what version of Office you´re using?        


  1. ? Watch for the "splash" screen when it opens          
  2. ? Check the front of your user manual          
  3. ? Click Help/About    
  4. ? Look into the Help files under Version



Question No.  2           Marks - 10

If you needed to create a slide presentation, which Office program would you use?          


  1. ? Excel           
  2. ? Publisher      
  3. ? PowerPoint  
  4. ? Word



Question No.  3           Marks - 10

Which of these statements are true about VBA?      


  1. ? It stands for Visual Basic Automation.      
  2. ? A macro programming language used by Office applications.       
  3. ? It´s the visual animation feature in Power Point.    
  4. ? V. B. Allan, the guy who started Microsoft with Bill Gates.



Question No.  4           Marks - 10

In Word, which is the best view to use if you´re running low on resources?


  1. ? Print Preview           
  2. ? Outline View           
  3. ? Page Layout View  
  4. ? Normal View



Question No.  5           Marks - 10

In Access, you´ve been working on your database a lot lately and you notice it´s getting quite large. What´s the best thing to do to be sure it´s at it´s most efficient size?   


  1. ? Delete any unnecessary data entries and resave it. 
  2. ? Sort the database in alphabetical order to compact it.        
  3. ? Use the Repair and Compact option on the Tools menu.   
  4. ? Click File/CompressDatabases.



Question No.  6           Marks - 10

If you wanted to create your own new toolbar in an Office application, with all your favorite features, what would you do first?       


  1. ? Call someone who knows how to do it. It´s always easier to bother someone else than to learn it yourself.           
  2. ? Click Tools/Customize/Commands and drag the features you want onto a toolbar and rename it to a new name.  
  3. ? Click Tools/Customize/Toolbars/New to create a new toolbar, then drag items onto it.    
  4. ? Click View/Toolbars/New to create a new toolbar.



Question No.  7           Marks - 10

In Word, if you needed to pass a macro to another computer, how would you do it?          


  1. Use the Organizer to pass the macro to another template and have the recipient copy it to their also using the Organizer.        
  2. ? In the VB Editor, export the code into a .BAS file and import it on the other syst          
  3. ? Save the macro to a new template and put it in your Office StartUp directory.    
  4. ? All of the above.



Question No.  8           Marks - 10

Excel is an Office program that you can use to create:         


  1. ? A database  
  2. ? A spreadsheet          
  3. ? A pie chart   
  4. ? All of the above



Question No.  9           Marks - 10

To get Help when using Office, you would click the:           


  1. ? F2 Key        
  2. ? F1 Key        
  3. ? F10 Key      
  4. ? ESC Key



Question No.  10         Marks - 10

To turn on the Office Shortcut Bar:  


  1. ? Click Start/Programs/Office Shortcuts       
  2. ? Click Start/Programs/Microsoft Office Tools/Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar.      
  3. ? In any Office program, click Windows/Shortcut Bar.        
  4. ? There is no such thing as an Office Shortcut Bar



Question No.  11         Marks - 10

Which of the following is word processing software?           


  1. Microsoft Word         
  2. Microsoft Excel         
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer   
  4. Microsoft Windows Explorer



Question No.  12         Marks - 10

What is the size of a standard floppy disc?   


  1. 4.5"     
  2. 2.5"     
  3. 3.5"     
  4. 5.5"



Question No.  13         Marks - 10

Where should you save your computer files?


  1. on disc and in folders
  2. in a draw        
  3. in a filing cabinet       
  4. in the bin



Question No.  14         Marks - 10

When the text automatically goes onto the next line this is called    


  1. text wrap        
  2. page wrap       
  3. word wrap      
  4. wrap word



Question No.  15         Marks - 10

Before printing a document you should always        


  1. use the Print button    
  2. use Print Preview       
  3. use the Print button and then Print Preview  
  4. edit your document    



Question No.  16         Marks - 10

WYSIWYG is short for         


  1. when your seen is what you get         
  2. what you see is why you get  
  3. when you see is why you get 
  4. what you see is what you get 



Question No.  17         Marks - 10

When entering in a lot of text in capitals you should use the


  1. Enter key        
  2. Ctrl key          
  3. Caps Lock key           
  4. Insert key



Question No.  18         Marks - 10

Left justify is the same as      


  1. Align left        
  2. Align centre   
  3. Align right      
  4. none of the above



Question No.  19         Marks - 10

Using the Bold feature is a way of    


  1. splitting up paragraphs           
  2. making the text less readable 
  3. enhancing the appearance of certain text       
  4. showing off your skills



Question No.  20         Marks - 10

To put text on the right of the page use the   


  1. Align left button        
  2. Align center button    
  3. Justify button 
  4. Align right button



Question No.  21         Marks - 10

Which of the following is spreadsheet software?      


  1. Microsoft Word         
  2. Microsoft Excel         
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer   
  4. Microsoft Windows Explorer



Question No.  22         Marks - 10

Excel Workbooks can contain several           


  1. pages  
  2. chapters          
  3. worksheets     
  4. workbooks



Question No.  23         Marks - 10

To automatically fit text in cells you can use 


  1. Column Auto Selection         
  2. Column AutoFit Selection     
  3. Row AutoFit Selection          
  4. Column Selection



Question No.  24         Marks - 10

Which of the following is a correct cell address in Excel?    


  1. Row1 
  2. Cell1   
  3. 1A      
  4. A1      



Question No.  25         Marks - 10

Bold, italic, underline and alignment are _____ options.      


  1. formatting      
  2. fancy  
  3. Excel  
  4. workbook



Question No.  26         Marks - 10

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate UK date setting?     


  1. 14/03/2002     
  2. 03/27/2002     
  3. 14/03/02         
  4. 14 March 2002



Question No.  27         Marks - 10

Which of the following is NOT a number format available in Excel?           


  1. fraction           
  2. decimal           
  3. percentage      
  4. text



Question No.  28         Marks - 10

To keep table headings visible you can use   


  1. Hold Headings           
  2. Freeze Headings        
  3. Freeze Panes  
  4. Hold Panes



Question No.  29         Marks - 10

Which of the following is presentation graphics software?   


  1. Microsoft Word         
  2. Microsoft Excel         
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer   
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint



Question No.  30         Marks - 10

Which of the following is NOT a PowerPoint view?


  1. Normal           
  2. Slide Sorter    
  3. Web    
  4. Outline



Question No.  31         Marks - 10

Which view shows the slide presentation in full screen?       


  1. Normal           
  2. Slide Sorter    
  3. Slide Show     
  4. Outline



Question No.  32         Marks - 10

With which view you can see the main textual features that make up the slides of a presentation?


  1. Normal           
  2. Slide Sorter    
  3. Slide Show     
  4. Outline



Question No.  33         Marks - 10

What can you can apply to a presentation to give it a fully designed, professional look?    


  1. design templates        
  2. design plates  
  3. pictures           
  4. text



Question No.  34         Marks - 10

To ensure that you don´t lose you work you should  


  1. print it regularly         
  2. copy it regularly         
  3. edit it regularly           
  4. save it regularly



Question No.  35         Marks - 10

Transition effects take place  


  1. when you save your work      
  2. between slide changes           
  3. when text scrolls onto the slide         
  4. none of the above



Question No.  36         Marks - 10

Animation effects take place 


  1. when you save your work      
  2. between slide changes           
  3. when text scrolls onto the slide         
  4. none of the above



Question No.  37         Marks - 10

Each new slide should be chosen with a ____ ____ style.    


  1. slide layout     
  2. slide format    
  3. slide edit        
  4. slide save



Question No.  38         Marks - 10

If the slide show runs automatically how do you stop the slides?    


  1. with the Shift key      
  2. with the Enter key     
  3. with the Esc key        
  4. with the Ctrl key



Question No.  39         Marks - 10

Which symbol shown below means greater than?     


  1. <>       
  2. =         
  3. <         



Question No.  40         Marks - 10

To temporarily search for a specific set of data in a list you should use        


  1. arrange           
  2. filter   
  3. edit     
  4. re-arrange

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