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Title Name Amity Solved Assignment BA Economics 3rd Sem for Industrial Economics
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course BA(Economics)
Semester Semester-III Course: BA(Economics)
Short Name or Subject Code Industrial Economics
Commerce line item Type Semester-III Course: BA(Economics)
Product Assignment of BA(Economics) Semester-III (AMITY)


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                                                                                                            Industrial Economics

Assignment A

Question1. What do you understand by adapting to foreign economic environments in the internationalization process?
Question2. What are the implications of cultural environment for international business?
Question3. What is the logic of small scale industry?
Question4. Analyze the performance of public sector
Question5. What are the forms of privatization that took place in developing countries and developed countries?
Question6. How is firm’s equilibrium dependent on total revenue and total cost?
Question7. Why is TQM Promotion Committee formed?
Question8. What are various quality circle benefits?


Assignment B

Case Detail:
There is no case study you need to answer the questions

Question1. How is FDI different from FPI?
Question2. Highlight characterstics of Eclectic Theory
Question3. Explain India’s foreign investment policy



Assignment C

Question No. 1 Marks – 10 Solve by contact for more details at - 8882309876

________ can even define the scope and role of different sectors like private, public, joint and cooperative, or large, medium, small and tiny

a) Industrial policy
b) Monetary policy
c) Fiscal policy
d) Trade policy


Question No. 2 Marks - 10
______ by its policy towards the cost and availability of credit can significantly influence savings, investments and consumer spending in the economy

a) SBI
b) Government of India
c) RBI
d) Punjab National bank


Question No. 3 Marks - 10
________ is not an external factor

a) Rate of growth of the economies of the importing countries
b) Rate of growth of the world trade
c) Rate of growth of the Indian economy
d) Rate of change in the price level of the importing country


Question No. 4 Marks - 10
______ is a financial condition in which an enterprise spends more than it earns and the difference is met by some other institution

a) Soft budget
b) Tight budget
c) Hard budget
d) Flexible budget


Question No. 5 Marks - 10
________ is not an internal factor

a) Rate of growth of the Indian economy
b) Rate of growth of the world trade
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Neither (a) nor (b)


Question No. 6 Marks - 10
Strategic perspective concern deals with __________

a) Product safety and liability
b) Hiring and firing local workers
c) Starting a business
d) Entering and enforcing contrac


Question No. 7 Marks - 10
____________ in business environment is defined as the risk that emanates from social attitudes, perceptions and moral values

a) Social Risk
b) Political Risk
c) Economic Risk
d) Legal Risk


Question No. 8 Marks - 10
___________ is an operational perspective concern

a) Product origin
b) Marketplace behaviour
c) Product safety and liability
d) Closing down the business


Question No. 9 Marks - 10
___________ represents government´s strategy in respect of public expenditure and revenue can have significant impact on business

a) Monetary policy
b) Trade policy
c) Fiscal policy
d) Industrial policy


Question No. 10 Marks - 10
SRR stands for ___________`

a) Statutory Reserve Ratio
b) Straight Reserve Ratio
c) Slanting Reserve Ratio
d) Steady Reserve Ratio


Question No. 11 Marks - 10
Teams of workers and supervisors that meet regularly to address work-related problems involving quality and productivity are ________

a) Virtual teams
b) Self managed teams
c) Quality circles
d) Problem solving teams


Question No. 12 Marks - 10
________ consists of top management of the company which is responsible for establishment and approval of TQM policies and programmes

a) Self managed teams
b) TQM promotion committee
c) Virtual teams
d) Problem solving teams


Question No. 13 Marks - 10
__________ overviews the work of all quality circles and also plans for their operations

a) Steering committee
b) Facilitators
c) Leaders
d) Members


Question No. 14 Marks - 10
The change in total cost due to addition of cost by producing one more unit is known as _______

a) Average cost
b) Total cost
c) Average cost
d) Marginal cost


Question No. 15 Marks - 10
Price of the commodity is determined by the industry in _______

a) Perfect competition
b) Monopoly
c) Oligopoly
d) Duopoly


Question No. 16 Marks - 10
Quality steering committee consists of ________ line managers

a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth


Question No. 17 Marks - 10
______ teams consist of group of individually who are physically dispersed, but connected through an electronic media

a) Self managed teams
b) Virtual teams
c) Problem solving teams
d) Process improvement teams


Question No. 18 Marks - 10
_______ is a market position where the producers or sellers of the goods are few and having strong rivalry

a) Perfect competition
b) Monopoly
c) Duopoly
d) Oligopoly


Question No. 19 Marks - 10
Facilitators are from a ______ level in the management hierarchy

a) Middle
b) Senior
c) Lower
d) Outsourced


Question No. 20 Marks - 10
The change in total revenue due to addition of revenue by selling one more unit by a firm is known as the marginal revenue

a) Average revenue
b) Total revenue
c) Marginal revenue
d) Average cost


Question No. 21 Marks - 10
An instrument issued by the company under its common seal acknowledging a debt and setting forth the terms under which they are issued and are to be paid is ____

a) Debenture
b) Equity share
c) Preference share
d) Public deposits


Question No. 22 Marks - 10
Par value means _______

a) Nominal value of a share in the Memorandum of Association (MOA) established for legal purpose
b) Equity shares
c) Preference shares
d) Premium value of a share in the Memorandum of Association (MOA) established for legal purpose


Question No. 23 Marks - 10
Accounting Policies does not comprise of ___________

a) Inventory Pricing
b) Depreciation Methods
c) Non Operating Income
d) Gross profit margin


Question No. 24 Marks - 10
Macroeconomic analysis is not concerned with ______

a) Money supply
b) Industrial production
c) Capacity utilization
d) Demand of goods at a local vendor store


Question No. 25 Marks - 10
___________ is an advantage of equity share for an individual

a) It is permanent long-term source of finance.
b) There is no repayment liability.
c) It does not create any obligation to pay dividend.
d) It provides more income (residual income)


Question No. 26 Marks - 10
________ has claim on assets and income

a) Debentures holders
b) Preference share holders
c) Fixed Deposit receipt holders
d) Public deposit holders


Question No. 27 Marks - 10
Debenture is a long-term _______ for raising loan capital. Debenture holders are the creditors of company

a) Cheque
b) Bill of exchange
c) Promissory note
d) Hundi


Question No. 28 Marks - 10
Creditorship and interest form of ownership is possible in

a) Fixed Deposits
b) Equity share
c) Debentures
d) Preference shares


Question No. 29 Marks - 10
Voting rights are there in _________

a) Preference shares
b) Debentures
c) Equity shares
d) Bonds


Question No. 30 Marks - 10
Profitability Ratio does not take into consideration __________

a) Return on capital employed
b) Earning per share
c) Tax carry over
d) Cash profit ratio


Question No. 31 Marks - 10
A tax imposed on a commodity originating from the duty-levying country destined for some other country is _______

a) Import duty
b) Export duty
c) Transit duty
d) Compound duty


Question No. 32 Marks - 10
_________ provides a uniform rate of duty for all like commodities without making any discrimination between countries

a) Protective tariff
b) Triple column tariff
c) Double column tariff
d) Single Column tariff


Question No. 33 Marks - 10
Foreign firms obtained automatic rights over international brand names which is a way to attract FDI in _______

a) 1993
b) 1992
c) 1995
d) 1998


Question No. 34 Marks - 10
__________ is not a theory of international investment

a) Monetary policy
b) MacDougall-Kemp Theory
c) Appropriability Theory
d) Internalization theory


Question No. 35 Marks - 10
_________ is a tax imposed on a commodity crossing the national frontier originating from and destined for other countries

a) Compound duty
b) Import duty
c) Transit duty
d) Export duty


Question No. 36 Marks - 10
Market imperfection theory is also known as _______

a) Internalization theory
b) MacDougall-Kemp Theory
c) Appropriability Theory
d) Politico-economic Theories


Question No. 37 Marks - 10
According to _____________ a firm should be able to appropriate (to keep for its exclusive use) the benefits resulting from a technology it has generated

a) MacDougall-Kemp Theory
b) Internalization theory
c) Appropriability Theory
d) Politico-economic Theories


Question No. 38 Marks - 10
FERA stands for ________

a) Foreign Exchange Rehabilitation Act
b) Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
c) Future Exchange Regulation Act
d) Fund Exchange Regulation Act


Question No. 39 Marks - 10
Banks allowed to set their own rates for lending in ________

a) 1995
b) 2000
c) 1994
d) 1985


Question No. 40 Marks - 10
Area where FDI is not allowed is ________

a) Exploration and mining of minerals other than diamonds and precious stones
b) Management consultancy
c) Venture capital funds/companies
d) Business of chit fund

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