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Title Name Amity assignment for Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course MCA
Semester Semester-VI Course: MCA
Short Name or Subject Code Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
Commerce line item Type Semester-VI Course: MCA
Product Assignment of MCA Semester-VI (AMITY)


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                                                                                                                           Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks


1 .What is AI? Explain different definition of AI with different application of AI.

2 .What is expert system? Explain the variuos stages of expert system.

3 .What are various heuristics search techniques? Explain how they are different from the search


4 .Describe the characteristics of Expert Systems.

5 .Write short note on the following: -

a. Robotics

b. Expert system

c. Natural Language Processing

d. Vision of Speech Processing

6 .Describe the applications of Expert Systems.

7 .When would best-first search be worse than simple breadth-first search?




1. A problem-solving search can either forward or backward. What factors determine the choice

of direction for a particular problem?

2. What is knowledge Acquisition? What is its role in AI?

3. What do you understand by uniformed search? What are its advantages & disadvantages over

informed search? What is breadth first search better than depth first search better than depth first

and vice-versa? Explain.



Question No.  1           Marks - 10

What is Artificial intelligence?          


  1. Putting your intelligence into Computer
  2. Programming with your own intelligence
  3. Making a Machine intelligent
  4. Playing a Game


Question No.  2           Marks - 10

Which is the best way to go for Game playing problem?      


  1. Linear approach
  2. Heuristic approach
  3. Optimal approach
  4. Random approach


Question No.  3           Marks - 10

Which is not the commonly used programming language for AI?    


  2. Java
  3. LISP
  4. Perl


Question No.  4           Marks - 10

Which search method takes less memory?     


  1. Depth-First Search
  2. Breadth-First search
  3. Both (a) and (b)
  4. Linear Search.


 Question No.  5           Marks - 10

A heuristic is a way of trying 


  1. To discover something or an idea embedded in a program
  2. To search and measure how far a node in a search tree seems to be from a goal
  3. To compare two nodes in a search tree to see if one is better than the other
  4. Only (a), (b) and (c).


 Question No.  6           Marks - 10

What is state space?   


  1. The whole problem
  2. Your Definition to a problem
  3. Problem you design
  4. Representing your problem with variable and parameter


 Question No.  7           Marks - 10

A production rule consists of 


  1. A set of Rule
  2. A sequence of steps
  3. Arbitrary representation to problem
  4. Both (a) and (b)


 Question No.  8           Marks - 10

Who is called the father of AI?         


  1. James C Gosling
  2. Dennis Ritchie
  3. Alan Turing
  4. Isaac Newton


Question No.  9           Marks - 10

In AI ………………………. is a combination of data structures and interpretive procedures.      


  1. Knowledge
  2. Meta-knowledge
  3. Artificial Knowledge
  4. Performance


 Question No.  10         Marks - 10

The …………………… approach uses the knowledge of mathematics and engineering.   


  1. rationalist
  2. Top-down
  3. bottom-up
  4. push-pop approach


  Question No.  11        Marks - 10

We also use knowledge about what we know, called ……………………..


  1. Meta-Knowledge
  2. Performance Knowledge
  3. Standard knowledge
  4. Specific knowledge


Question No.  12         Marks - 10

The Artificial Intelligence is concerned with designing intelligent computer systems that exhibit intelligent characteristics expressed by …………………..        


  1. Functional behaviour
  2. Human behaviour
  3. Human brain
  4. Statistical analysis


Question No.  13         Marks - 10

State whether the following true or false. i) AI is used in diverse fields like space exploration, robotics. ii) AI is used for military purpose    


  1. i-True, ii-False
  2. i-True, ii-True
  3. i-False, ii-False
  4. i-False, ii-True


 Question No.  14         Marks - 10

The goals of AI systems can be described in terms of cognitive tasks like   


  1. Recognizing objects
  2. Answering questions
  3. Manipulating robotic devices
  4. All of the above


 Question No.  15         Marks - 10

………………….. is computerized advice-giver, that is capable of reasoning but which is usually confined to a rather narrow field of knowledge.     


  1. Expert system
  2. Knowledge system
  3. Common system
  4. Communication system


Question No.  16         Marks - 10

One method of programming a computer to exhibit human intelligence is called modeling on____________.      


  1. simulation
  2. cognition
  3. more intelligence.
  4. programming


 Question No.  17         Marks - 10

Shaping teaching techniques to fit the learning patterns of individual students in the goal of _______________. 


  1. Automatic programming.
  2. Decision support.
  3. Intelligent computer assisted instruction.
  4. Expert systems.


 Question No.  18         Marks - 10

What was originally called the imitation game by its creators?         


  1. The Turing test.
  2. LISP
  3. Cyber entices.
  4. The logic theorist.


 Question No.  19         Marks - 10

The term artificial intelligence was coined by _____________.       


  1. John MC Carthy.
  2. Marvin minsky.
  3. Natheniel Rochester.
  4. Claude Shannon.


Question No.  20         Marks - 10

Human brain has capacity to ____________.


  1. Programe
  2. learn
  3. Learn and program.
  4. read


 Question No.  21         Marks - 10

An expert system differs from a database program if only an expert system__________.  


  1. contains declarative knowledge.
  2. contains procedural knowledge.
  3. features the ret rival of sorted information.
  4. excepts users to draw their own conclusions.


 Question No.  22         Marks - 10

Which of the following component is an expert system?      


  1. Inference engine.
  2. Knowledge base.
  3. User interface.
  4. GUI


Question No.  23         Marks - 10

In rule based system procedural domain knowledge is the form of_____________.           


  1. production rules.
  2. rule interpreters.
  3. control rules.
  4. meta rules.


 Question No.  24         Marks - 10

A________________is an integral part of developing an expert system.     


  1. cognitive scientist.
  2. domain expert.
  3. knowledge engineer.
  4. software engineer.


 Question No.  25         Marks - 10

A process that is repeated, evaluated, and refined is called___________.   







 Question No.  26         Marks - 10

A problem is first connected to the proposed solution during the_____________ stage.    







Question No.  27         Marks - 10

Which of the following is the heuristic evaluation function?


  1. hill climbing search.
  2. breadth first
  3. depth first
  4. shortest path


Question No.  28         Marks - 10

Which is one of the brute force search technique.     


  1. depth first search
  2. heuristic search
  3. best first search
  4. beam search


 Question No.  29         Marks - 10

The speed of present day computers is expressed in the terms of ___________.     


  1. million Instructions per hour.
  2. million Instructions per second.
  3. million Instructions per day.
  4. million Instructions per minute.


 Question No.  30         Marks - 10

The most common methods of problem representation in AI are_____________.   


  1. state space representation and problem.
  2. state space representation and representation.
  3. state space representation problem representation.
  4. state space representation and problem representation.


Question No.  31         Marks - 10

Basically the knowledge of an expert occupies three distinctive layers____________.       


  1. factual knowledge, heuristic knowledge .
  2. factual knowledge, meta knowledge.
  3. factual knowledge, heuristic knowledge, meta knowledge.
  4. heuristic knowledge, meta knowledge.


 Question No.  32         Marks - 10

LISP MACHINES also known as____________.    


  1. AI workstations.
  2. super minicomputers.
  3. time sharing terminals.
  4. client machines.


 Question No.  33         Marks - 10

Which of the following is an advantage of using an expert system development tool?       


  1. Knowledge Engineering.
  2. Imposed Structure.
  3. Rapid Prototyping.
  4. protocol


 Question No.  34         Marks - 10

Which search technique imposes a fixed depth limit on a depth-first search.           


  1. Depth first search
  2. Depth limited search.
  3. Breadth first search.
  4. Breadth limited search


 Question No.  35         Marks - 10

The search which proceeds immediately to the deepest level of the search tree is _____________.           


  1. uniformed Search.
  2. . breadth first search.
  3. . depth first search.
  4. uniform cost.


Question No.  36         Marks - 10

The simple strategy in which the root node is expanded first then all the successors and so on .this is called _____.           


  1. informed search.
  2. breadth first search.
  3. uniform cost search.
  4. linear search.


 Question No.  37         Marks - 10

The problem which aims to find the shortest tour in which each city must be visited exactly once is ________.   


  1. robot navigation.
  2. traveling salesperson problem.
  3. nternet searching.
  4. search tree


  Question No.  38         Marks - 10

A problem which is intended to illustrate or exercise various problems solving methods which give a concise exact description?    


  1. Real-world problem.
  2. Toy problem
  3. 8-puzzle problem.
  4. 8-queen problem.


 Question No.  39         Marks - 10

Which will provide patterns for arguments structures that always yielded correct conclusion when given premises is correct?          


  1. logic
  2. syllogism
  3. philosophy
  4. Rational agent


Question No.  40         Marks - 10

The last component of the learning agent is __________.    


  1. agent generator
  2. program generator.
  3. problem generator.
  4. output generator


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