IGNOU Price List

 IGNOU Price List Details :-

Dear student,

While receiving your queries via e-mail or telephonic conversation we realized that you need an assistance in completing your synopsis and Projects. We will provide you the projects & synopsis as per your subject specialization by using the help of our specialised team members.  The details of the synopsis & Project package is given below:

  •         We will charge only a onetime fee of Rs. 7000 PER  PROJECTS and deliver the synopsis with guarantee of approval
  •         You will get both synopsis & projects  delivered in a short period of time
  •         Live projects
  1. WORK AS PER STUDENT LOCATION: As per IGNOU guidelines,  the synopsis and projects will be made as per the Address registered in the IGNOU if the address mismatches your IGNOU Record than your synopsis or projects will be rejected by the university of IGNOU as per the University norms and We are the only one which is providing this service by taking care of all the requirements followed up by IGNOU guidelines in order to make your path towards the success.In case if you are getting any synopsis or project from any other service provider than they use to give you the projects of any other location which is of no use of yours because they did not have sufficient team members to make the projects of the desirable locations needed by you. SOLVE ZONE INDIA PVT. LTD. the one which provides better service at affordable price in an efficient way and time. 
  1. REWORK: We are a private limited company having the specialised team members and individual experts in each section of the subject. If in case yours synopsis or projects will need any suggestions before the approval by the IGNOU UNIVERSITY Than we use to rework on it and provide you the satisfied solution within 3 days but other service providers do not offer such services as they do not have specialised team members and satisfactory factor which we offers to our client on time as they are only using for reselling projects just as a shopkeeper do but we provide you along with the original content. 
  1. APPROVAL GUARANTEE WORK: We provide you the approval guarantee work i.e if in case your project or synopsis has been rejected by the IGNOU University than you have to mail us with the proof of synopsis or project rejection we again provide you the same work within 3 days to satisfy you and take no charge for rework again as per our promises but other service providers usually use to make fake promises and does not provide you the approval guarantee work as they work on the basis of steal and sell just as a shopkeeper. So don’t grid by the fake promises choose only solve zone the best one. 
  1. SAFE PAYMENT MODE WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Solve Zone Pvt. Ltd. uses the payment gateway of PAY U MONEY which is a safe mode of payment as until or unless u get the service you have an option on it to refund or release of your payment . As you do the payment automatically your account will be created or in case you did not recieve any service from our side then a option is generated of the payment refund or release within 24 hours, for more information you can visit our website but other service providers give you the only option to transfer money directly in account we also have such service you can also pay by using account if you feel trusthworthy towards us or otherwise payumoney is the best option we are offering you if still you are in any situation of doubt you can clear your doubt by connecting with payumoney customer care services . 
  1. NEW TOPIC FOR EVERY STUDENT: Solve Zone India Pvt. Ltd. offers new topics to each and every student with the uniqueness and originality of content which ensures the guranteed approval of the synopsis and projects in the university on the other hand, other service providers provides you the repeated work along with the same repetitions of the topics to a number of students in order to earn more with less efforts as they can not generate new topics because they are working on the basis of steal & sell which may put you into a resultant loss as such kinds of projects and synopsis with repetitiveness usually got rejected by the authorities of the universities. 
  1. ANALYSIS YOURSELF THE REAL FACT: To make a project or synopsis is as harder as to cross a long way hurdle in the running path. It takes minimum 7-8 days continuity to complete such a task of approximately 100 pages and the cost of final preparation of such projects and synopsis is very high as whole team have to work upon this by giving the sitting of 7 days with no off or break in work in order to complete it on time. If in such situation any other service provider is providing you it in less amount comparatively than that was just charging for the mailing of the repeated topics and at this point the question arises that how can any service provider provides you the appropriate work in less amount in addition to predefined shortage of the team members. No one pays for loss instead they are putting you in the dark by making you blind with their fake promises. so  you can judge yourself that you are playing with both the quantity and quality of the work and getting a net loss as an output and waiting for the final rejection from the university.