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Dear Student,

As per your last email or telephonic conversation you requested a solved assignment which is always available with us. We ensure you that the answer quality would be the best and you will get up to 90% to 100% marks in the assignments purchased from us. We have an expert on each and every subject working with us. The subject matter experts are highly qualified and deliver their best for you over and over again.

Please have a look at the price list mentioned below and send us a reply on this e-mail to let us know which assignment you want from us.

ersonal and exclusive Assignments , in addition we provide you here

General Rs 300  per subject.This assignment is ready to use for every student.(The content of this assignment is the same for every student). We will provide you fully solved assignment Sections wise including : Section A, Section B, Section C. Which will be displayed after the payment.

You have to make payment through our website. As you make your payment, your assignment will autogenerate that will be displayed your purchase order. After login to our website you can view your order anytime.

Special -Rs 500/  per subject - This assignment is personalized and customized for you. The answers of this assignment would not be shared with any other student. The content of this assignment would be unique & plagiarism free. We will provide you fully solved assignment including all sections: Section A, Section B, Section C. You will get customised assignment from our database that contain 100 customized sets of an assignment. You can view all answer after successful payment.

Special + typing filling  - Rs 800 per subject This assignment are made by our staff members. The answers we provide will be unique and will not be shared with any other student (plagiarism free)  .We will provide you fully solved assignment with all Sections: Section A, Section B, Section C. Please NOTE: In these assignments we will fill it online and you can also read this assignment in your purchase order. This assignment is same as special, personal and exclusive Assignments. As you make your payment assignment will be completely filled within 1 to 3 days.

  1. i) How to Get assignment?
  2. a) option 1

“ Get assignment answer instantly :  It has never  been  before so fast .Visit our website and get your assignment answer of  AMITY and other  University in one click . Search  your requirement from our website search bar on slider   then add to cart ,pay and get your assignment answer instantly.

  1. b) option 2: if u cant able to buy by first option use this option


Pay as per price list given  above   by visiting, through  Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking or cash deposit either via Pay U Money or PayPal. After payment Mail  your details  to

Details like for assignment :


Course name …………………...???

Subject Name ………………?

payment detail ?

Total no of assignment u need……………….?

Semester ………………………..?

Major Subjects ……………………?

Service will be delivered to your  mail  after successful payment.

  1. ii) WHY TO CHOOSE US:
  • GUARANTEE OF WORK: Guarantee of work specifies that the payment which is paid by you in respect to our services is 100 percent safe there is no fraud work as we are registered private limited company which initialises the security of work,on the other hand any other service provider has not been offering such type of work guarantee.
  • SOLVED BY EXPERTS: Solve zone private limited consists of a well educated team experts which has a specialisation in each and every subject and we use to get the assignment done only by the expert of that particular subject  while other service providers does not have sufficient team and subject experts they only work on the basis of reselling .
  • SAFE PAYMENT MODE WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Solve Zone Pvt. Ltd. uses the payment gateway of PAY U MONEY which is a safe mode of payment as until or unless u get the service you have an option on it to refund or release of your payment . As you do the payment automatically your account will be created or in case you did not receive any service from our side then a option is generated of the payment refund or release within 24 hours, for more information you can visit our website http: but other service providers give you the only option to transfer money directly in account we also have such service you can also pay by using account if you feel trustworthy towards us or otherwise payumoney is the best option we are offering you if still you are in any situation of doubt you can clear your doubt by connecting with payumoney customer care services .
  • ANALYSIS YOURSELF THE REAL FACT: To make a Assignment is as harder as to cross a long way hurdle in the running path.. If in such situation any other service provider is providing you it in less amount comparatively than that was just charging for the mailing of the repeated Assignments which has already been sent to number of students and will be sending to numerous of students in future. No one pays for loss instead they are putting you in the dark by making you blind with their fake promises. so  you can judge yourself that you are playing with both the quantity and quality of the work and getting a net loss as an output and waiting for the final rejection from the university.


  • Type Answer Full Length: Don’t be confused as it has been written on the screen that type minimum 25 words normally after reading this most of the students are in doubt and type only 25 words but in actual these instructions are only for the purpose of saving in case if the text deleted or logout. In actual writing more word is more safer and help you in getting better marks. So type the full length answers provided by the solve zone private limited in accordance to get good marks. 
  • Always Use Customised & Unique Assignments: University uses a particular software to analyse and determine the tracking of the assignments customisation and uniqueness. If the software tracks and found that the assignment submitted by you is not unique and customised than after tracking your assignment will automatically be rejected by the in case you take the repeated assignments than you have to modify it by yourself. 
  • Don’t use Attachment Answers: There are two option availables in case of assignments,one option is you have a box and you have to type on it another one is to attach the world file. In order to get good marks in assignments typing in a box is much more better option as you will be getting more marks by doing so & that attachment option is just to attach the mathematical tools, graphs and charts. So type in a box and get the maximum weightage in assignments. 
  • Don’t take Low Price Assignments: Low price assignments usually the one time solved assignment which has been provided to numerous of students due to which the software tracks it and your assignment got rejected as other service providers provides the work of stealing and selling. But we provide you the different and unique assignments which has been made by our experts team members by considering your queries in mind to provide you the better solution. 

Take Assignment from good Reported Service Provider: While purchasing assignments things kept in mind should be that the service provider must be a registered private limited company having a proper website. Moreover they must conduct proper team work as many of the service providers use to purchase and sell due to shortage of the highly qualified team members as a part of their business like, etc, which don’t support after the rejection which the solve zone do with a proper support till your satisifaction.