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University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course PGDM-(Production-And-Operations-Management)
Semester Semester-I Course: PGDM-(Production-And-Operations-Management)
Session 2016-2017
Commerce line item Type Semester-I Course: PGDM-(Production-And-Operations-Management)
Product Assignment of PGDM-(Production-And-Operations-Management) Semester-I (AMITY)


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Solved Assignment

  Questions :-

                                                                                                     PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT


1. What were the Hawthorne experiments?  What effects did they have on the Management practices?

4 .Explain the MBO Process.          

5. Elucidate the relationship between planning and control.       





          CASE STUDY: 

1. What motivational need did Mr. Bansal satisfy for his full-time employees?

2. Discuss these needs with reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

3. Mr. Bansal achieved significant productivity gains because of a positive change in employee’s attitudes. What motivational strategies did he use to achieve this success?




1. Which one management function helps maintain managerial effectiveness by establishing guidelines for future activities?


2. Which is not a leadership theory?  


3. What interview is comprehensive, and the interviewer encourages the applicant to do much of the talking?


4. What are the typical products of job analysis?


5. Performance review is done to


6. The general conclusion of the ‘Relay Assembly Test Room Experiments’ was that employees would work better if the management were concerned about their welfare and superiors paid special attention to them.  This phenomenon was subsequently labeled as the _________


7. Which is not a way to overcome the initial resistance to change in organizations?                      


8. A/an ________ is a vital tool for providing information about organizational relationships.       


9. Which of the following is a question that needs to be answered in job analysis?


10. ________ refers to the ability of individuals or groups to induce or influence the beliefs or actions of other individuals or groups.


11. Key result areas are usually terms as


12. Job Evaluation is a technique which aims at:


13. Which control principles suggests that managers should be informed about a problem only when the data shows a significant deviation from established standards?   


14. Decreasing the role of subordinates in decision-making is known as      


15. Which of the following refers to the flow of information among people on the same or similar organizational levels?


16. Which is an esteem need?


17. In Basket Technique is used in


18. Which one is not a stage of Group process?


19. MBO was first suggested by


20. Which one management function helps maintain managerial effectiveness by establishing guidelines for future activities?


21. Which is an advantage of decentralization?        


22. Management of change refers to


23. Line Managers are:           


24. Which of the following refers to the flow of information among people on the same or similar organizational levels?


25. The organization chart is a way of showing        


26. Requisites of effective supervision are


27. You have decided to send a message to your supervisor requesting vacation time. You brainstorm some basic concepts and now must decide how to phrase this information for your supervisor. You are at which of the following steps in the communication process?   


28. ______ Spans of management create ____________ structures with many levels of management.      


29. Which of the following is not one of the steps identified as part of the controlling process?    


30. According to Herzberg and his associates ______ are job content factors which lead to job satisfaction?


31. The establishment of a distinct area, unit of subsystem of an organization over which a manager has authority for the performance of specialized activities and results is termed_______


32. Democratic leadership is also know as _________ leadership.   


33. Group decision-making has certain advantages over individual decision-making.  Which of the following statements is not true with regard to group decision-making?


34. The idea that workers look for meaning in their work and will actively seek out new responsibility is most consistent with which of these needs identified by Maslow?           


35. A manager’s posture during a communication with a colleague is an example of which aspect of the communications process?      


36. When a manager secures the agreement of a colleague to work on a project in return for the promise of providing the colleague with some extra remuneration, what type of power is he or she exercising?          

37. According to Herzberg, which of the following can be classified as a motivator?         


38. Which of the following refers to changing a task to make it inherently more rewarding, motivating and satisfying?      


39. The tendency to place the primary responsibility for one’s success or failure either within oneself or on outside forces is referred to as


40. ______ is a process whereby companies find out how others do something better than they do and then try to imitate or improve on it.


41. When an employee asks a question or reports a problem to his or her supervisor, this is an example of which direction of communication?

  1. Grapevine
  2. Lateral
  3. Downward
  4. Upward

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