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Title Name Amity Solved Assign Diploma for Data Communication and Computer Network
University AMITY
Service Type Assignment
Course Diploma-in-Forex-Management(6-Month-Course)
Semester Semester-I Course: Diploma-in-Forex-Management(6-Month-Course)
Session 2016-2017
Short Name or Subject Code Data Communication & Computer Network
Commerce line item Type Semester-I Course: Diploma-in-Forex-Management(6-Month-Course)
Product Assignment of Diploma-in-Forex-Management(6-Month-Course) Semester-I (AMITY)


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Solved Assignment

  Questions :-

                                                                                                            Data Communication & Computer Network

 Assignment A

1. Explain the various classifications of Computer Networks based on size, topology etc. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages in each classification.
2 Explain ISO – OSI, seven layer network architecture giving the functions of each layer.
3. What is Routing, Explain Shortest Path Routing algorithm with example?


Assignment B

Case Detail:
Read the case study and answer the accompanied questions.
Case Study:
Congestion control refers to the techniques and mechanism that can either prevent congestion, before it happens, or remove congestion, after it has happened. In general, we can divide congestion control mechanism into two broad categories: Open loop congestion control (Prevention) and Closed-loop Congestion Control (Removal).

1. In how many way congestion control techniques can be applied? Explain.
2. In the given TCP network, R1 and R2 are two routers and network 1 and network 2 are the part of this TCP network. The input data rate of router R1 is 7 mb/s and output data rate of same router is 6.53 mb/s. Will there be congestion? If yes then how you will control the congestion in this TCP network?



Assignment C

Question No: 1
The transmission signal coding method of TI carrier is called

A. Bipolar


C. Manchester

D. Binary


Question No: 2
Which of the following signal is not standard RS-232-C signal?






Question No: 3
Which of the following communication modes support two-way traffic but in only one direction at a time?

A. Simplex

B. Half duplex

C. Three-quarters duplex

D. All of the above


Question No: 4
What is the number of separate protocol layers at the serial interface gateway specified by the X.25 standard?

A. 4

B. 2

C. 6

D. 3


Question No: 5
What is max data capacity for optical fiber cable?

A. 10 mbps

B. 100 mbps

C. 1000 mbps

D. 10000 mbps


Question No: 6
For large networks, which topology is used?

A. Bus


C. Ring

D. Mesh


Question No: 7
Layer one of the OSI model is--

A. Physical layer

B. Link layer

C. Transport layer

D. Network layer


Question No: 8
In which topology, if a computer’s network cable is broken, whole network goes down.

A. Bus

B. Star

C. Tree

D. Mesh


Question No: 9
In OSI network architecture, the dialogue control and token management are responsibilities of-
A. Session layer

B. Network layer

C. Transport layer

D. Data link layer



Question No: 10
ISO OSI model is used in--

A. Stand alone PC

B. Network environment

C. Sub network access

D. None of above



Question No: 11
If a computer on the network shares resources for others to use, it is called--

A. Server

B. Client

C. Mainframe

D. None of above


Question No: 12
ISO stands for--

A. International Standard Organization

B. International Student Organization

C. Integrated Services Organization

D. None of above


Question No: 13
Which of the following is used for modulation and demodulation?

A. Modem

B. Protocol

C. Gateway

D. Multiplexer


Question No: 14
Which layer decides which physical pathway the data should take?

A. Application

B. Network

C. Physical

D. Data


Question No: 15
A standalone program that has been modified to work on a LAN by including concurrency controls such as file and record locking is an example of--

A. LAN intrinsic software

B. LAN aware software

C. Groupware

D. LAN ignorant software


Question No: 16
ISDN is an example of which network?

A. Circuit switched

B. Packet switched

C. Both of above

D. None of above


Question No: 17
X.25 is an example of which network?
A. Circuit switched

B. Packet switched

C. Both of above

D. None of above



Question No: 18
The process of converting analog signals into digital signals so they can be processed by a receiving computer is referred to as--

A. Modulation

B. Demodulation

C. Synchronizing

D. Digitising


Question No: 19
What is the max cable length of STP?

A. 200 ft

B. 100 ft

C. 100 m

D. 200 m


Question No: 20
In which portion of LAN management software restricts access, records user activities and audit data etc?

A. Configuration management

B. Security management

C. Performance management

D. Switch Management


Question No: 21
Which connector is used in STP?


B. RJ-11

C. RJ-45

D. RJ-69


Question No: 22
Network cable lies on layer--

A. Application

B. Network

C. Physical

D. Data link


Question No: 23
What is the central device in star topology?

A. STP server

B. Hub/switch


D. Router



Question No: 24
What is the max data capacity of STP?

A. 10 mbps

B. 100 mbps

C. 1000 mbps

D. 10000 mbps


Question No: 25
Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation?

A. Fibre optics

B. Satellite

C. Coaxial cable

D. Modem


Question No: 26
Which server allows LAN users to share computer programs and data?

A. Communication server

B. Print server

C. File server

D. Mail Server


Question No: 27
In OSI network architecture, the routing is performed by—

A. Network layer

B. Data link layer

C. Transport layer

D. Session layer


Question No: 28
Which of the following architecture uses CSMA/CD access method?

A. ARC net

B. Ethernet

C. Both of above

D. None of above


Question No: 29
Which buffer holds the data before it is sent to the printer through print server?

A. Queue

B. Spool

C. Node

D. None of above


Question No: 30
The x.25 standard specifies a--

A. Technique for start-stop data

B. Technique for dial access

C. Dte/dce interface

D. Data bit rate



Question No: 31
Which of the following might be used by a company to satisfy its growing communications needs?
A. Front end processor

B. Multiplexer

C. Controller

D. All of the above


Question No: 32
A band is always equivalent to

A. A byte

B. A bit

C. 100 bits

D. None of above



Question No: 33
Which of the following does not allow multiple uses or devices to share one communication line?

A. Double plexer

B. Multiplexer

C. Concentrator

D. Controller



Question No: 34
Communiction circuits that transmit data in both directions but not at the same time are operating in

A. A simplex mode

B. A half duplex mode

C. A full duplex mode

D. An asynchronous mode


Question No: 35
How many OSI layers are covered in the X.25 standard?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Seven

D. Six


Question No: 36
Which of the following is considered a broad band communication channel?

A. Coaxial cable

B. Fibre optics cable

C. Microwave circuits

D. All of above



Question No: 37
Which of the following is not a transmission medium?

A. Telephone lines

B. Coaxial cables

C. Modem

D. Microwave systems



Question No: 38
Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?

A. Communications software

B. Protocol

C. Communication hardware

D. All of above including access to transmission medium



Question No: 39
Which of the following is an advantage to using fibre optics data transmission?

A. Resistance to data theft

B. Fast data transmission rate

C. Low noise level

D. All of above



Question No: 40
Electronic systems that transmit data over communications lines from one location to another are called ________.

A. transmission systems

B.communications systems

C. microcomputer systems

D. LAN transmission systems

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